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Miss Oregon raises awareness of traumatic brain injury

Miss Oregon Ali Wallace, KATU photo

Miss Oregon Ali Wallace, a contestant in the upcoming Miss America Pageant, is using her platform to raise awareness of the seriousness of traumatic brain injury (TBI). She speaks from her own experience. Ali made the varsity cheerleading squad when she was just a freshman in high school – a distinct honor for a girl so young. She felt she had to prove herself every day to keep up with her more experienced teammates. One afternoon, while working on a round-off back tuck, she flinched midflight, which caused her to fall to the floor. She landed on her head on ... Read More

People with diabetes pay more for health care


Diabetes makes people more susceptible to several serious health conditions, but the disease can also be a pain in one’s wallet. “The cost of diabetes treatment has been increasing pretty rapidly,” says Glen Stettin, senior vice president for clinical, research and new solutions at Express Scripts. For four years straight, spending on diabetes treatments was higher per person than it was for any other class of traditional drug. Diabetics already pay about $5,000 more annually for their medications than people without the disease, according to a study by the Health Care Cost Institute, which examined insurance claims of nearly 40 ... Read More

CAMP USA announces two crampon recalls due to defects resulting in fall hazards

Recall - mountain climbing gear, crampons

CAMP USA, a popular mountaineering equipment manufacturer located in Broomfield, Colo., has announced two crampon recalls of defective Tour Nanotech Automatic/ Semi-Automatic Crampons and Cassin Blade Runner/Blade Runner Alpine Crampons. The nearly 500 recalled Tour Nanotech crampons have a defect with the heel bail, which connects the ankle strap to the crampons, causing it to detach from the crampon unexpectedly. The Blade Runner crampons have an issue with the front part connecting to the crampons breaking. Both crampon defects pose a fall hazard to consumers. The first crampon recall affects all Tour Nanotech Automatic and Semi-Automatic crampons, which are made ... Read More

Medical Transport Co. Used Taxi Cab Exemptions To Avoid Paying Overtime


A Chandler, Ariz., based medical transportation company has been ordered to pay more than $121,000 in back wages to 54 employees who worked overtime hours for the company but did not receive overtime pay as federal law requires. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division investigated Z-Best Medical Transportation LLC, which provides special non-emergency transportation to elderly and disabled patients in need of transportation, and found that the company owners incorrectly categorized its drivers as exempt from overtime, claiming an exemption that applies to taxi drivers. As a result of the exemption, drivers failed to receive overtime pay for ... Read More

Quest Diagnostics Settles Whistleblower’s Allegations Of Fraudulent Billing Practices


Quest Diagnostics Inc., a multi-billion-dollar medical testing corporation, has agreed to pay the U.S. $1.8 million to settle allegations stemming from a whistleblower that it defrauded Medicare with a double-billing scheme. United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner, whose office investigated the whistleblower complaint, welcomed the recovery and said it represented a commitment to “fight fraud and abuse to help preserve scarce Medicare funds for those who need it the most, the sick and the elderly.” Whistleblower Elisa Martinez, a former phlebotomist at Quest Diagnostics, filed her complaint under the federal False Claims Act, which authorizes private citizens to sue on ... Read More

Ohio manufacturer fined for safety violations following worker’s partial finger amputation

OSHA logo

Dyson Corp., a domestic fasteners and forgings manufacturer located in Painesville, Ohio, was cited for several serious violations by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after a 23-year-old machine operator suffered a partial finger amputation earlier this year. The laborer had only been on the job three weeks with the equipment when the incident occurred. Following OSHA’s post-incident inspection, Dyson Corp. was cited for a total of eight violations – two willful, three repeated and three serious alleged safety violations – and fined $170,170. Some of the alleged OSHA violations include failure to properly train workers ... Read More

Teleflex Medical recalls leaking breathing tubes


Teleflex Medical is recalling a type of breathing tube after a complaint that the device has a defect that may cause it to leak, which could result in patients not getting enough oxygen and suffering respiratory distress, which could cause patient injury or death. The issue involves Teleflex Medical’s endobroncial tube’s double swivel connector, which can break or separate on the tube, causing the leak. An endobronchial tube is a plastic tube that is inserted through the mouth into the main passageway into the lungs, called the bronchi. The tube is used during a medical procedure called a bronchospirometry, which ... Read More

Antibiotic-resistant superbugs contaminate nearly 20 percent of conventional beef

ground beef

A new Consumer Reports analysis shows how the agricultural industry’s overuse and abuse of antibiotics is contaminating beef with potentially fatal “superbug” bacteria resistant to three of more classes of antibiotics. The Consumer Reports investigation found that 18 percent of the beef samples from conventionally raised cattle contained antibiotic-resistant superbug bacteria, while just nine percent of sustainably raised beef contained the bacteria. Three of the conventional beef samples Consumer Reports tested were positive for MSRA bacteria (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), which kills about 11,000 people in the U.S. every year. MSRA was not found on any of the sustainable samples. For ... Read More

Worker’s Heat Stroke Death Results In Fines For Moving Company

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OMAHA, Neb.—A Nebraska-based storage and moving company has been cited by federal authorities for subjecting a worker to excessively hot conditions that resulted in the worker’s heat stroke and death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said it investigated Select Van and Storage, doing business as Mayflower / United, following the worker’s death on June 9 and found the company in violation of federal rules regulating weather-related working conditions and reporting procedures. According to the agency, a 49-year-old worker was packing and loading boxes in a moving truck on June 9 when the local climate climbed to 112 degrees ... Read More

OmniPod insulin delivery system recalled due to multiple failure reports

Omnipod insulin delivery system

More than 40,000 boxes of OmniPod Insulin Management System Pods by Insulet Corporation are being recalled because the Pods have been failing at a high rate, putting diabetics who use these products at risk of hyperglycemia, which, if left untreated, can result in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). OmniPods are insulin pumps used to help patients manage their diabetes by offering continuous insulin delivery. Insulet Corporation says there are two ways in which the Pods can fail. The cannula can completely retract or fail to fully deploy, which may result in the patient not receiving the expected insulin dose. Or, the Pod ... Read More