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Will an auto bailout mean better, safer cars?

With the Big Three on such uncertain and unsteady ground, it’s anyone’s guess what the future of American auto manufacturing will look like a couple of years from now. Will our car companies still exist, and if so, what will they and the cars they manufacture look like? Will they be fuel efficient, cleaner, and any safer than they are now? Business blogger Charles H. Green summed up the problem with the old Detroit paradigm when he said “Toyota introduced the Prius in 1997. 11 thoughtful years later, GM brings us–the Hybrid Escalade.” Such a profound lack of vision in ... Read More

Former Georgia police officer wins gender discrimination suit

A former Columbus, Ga., police officer claims she didn’t file a discrimination lawsuit against the City of Columbus, the police chief and her former co-workers for the money. She did it because she wanted to stand up against race and gender discrimination in the workplace and show other women that they have the right to do so as well. Last week, Alicia Davenport, a former member of the Columbus Police Department’s Narcotics and Vice Unit, was vindicated, her attorney told the Ledger-Enquirer. The jury found that Davenport, who left the force three years ago, was intentionally discriminated against because of ... Read More

EEOC files age discrimination suit against Philadelphia company

Frank Bruno tried not to answer when asked during a job interview for human resources director at Unitek USA L.L.C., “How old are you, 78?” The 51-year-old man had worked 25 years in human resources at director, corporate director and vice president levels. He knew the question crossed a line. Yet, he was a shoo-in for the job, or so top management had alluded. He just needed to sit through one last interview with the company’s major investor, Joseph Kestenbaum. And Kestenbaum was persistent about knowing how old Bruno was. Bruno finally fessed up and admitted his age. The interview came ... Read More