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Investment and securities fraud is one area of consumer fraud litigation pursued by the attorneys at Beasley Allen. Litigation includes individual cases as well as class actions that have been filed throughout the country. Cases in this area also involve matters including wrongful conduct of insurance and finance companies including fraud and bad faith, mortgage loan fraud, general consumer fraud and employment issues. Pending cases include securities and investment fraud litigation against companies including Stanford Securities and Regions Morgan Keegan, among others.

Our firm also is representing people who have been taken advantage of in the workplace, through violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In these cases, employers intentionally misclassify employees as independent contractors or managers in order to reduce costs such as overtime compensation, employee benefits, payroll taxes, unemployment compensation and workers compensation.

AL AG joins coalition investigating opioid makers, distributors

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Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is among a bipartisan coalition of 41 state attorneys general seeking documents and information from makers and distributors of prescription opioid painkillers as part of multistate investigations aimed at curbing the nation’s growing opioid epidemic. “Opioid abuse has reached a crisis level in Alabama and in many portions of the country, and earlier this year I joined with fellow attorneys general in investigating what role opioid manufacturers may have had in creating or prolonging the opioid abuse epidemic, and to establish the appropriate course of action to help solve this crisis,” Marshall said. “Our investigation continues ... Read More

Equifax Was Hacked in March, Months Before Disclosed Data Breach


New information about the Equifax data breach that exposed 143 million Americans to potential identity theft and financial loss calls into question the credit-reporting agency’s response to serious security issues. According to Bloomberg, inside sources say that Equifax learned of a major breach of its computer systems in March – months earlier than it previously admitted to. Although the relationship between the two data breaches is unclear, one of Bloomberg’s sources said they involved the same hackers. Both times, the intruders appeared to have exploited a weakness in the Apache Struts web server software that Equifax had patched on some of its ... Read More

Judge Files Whistleblower Complaint Accusing California Regulators of Retaliation

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The former chief administrative law judge at the California Public Utilities Commission is filing a whistleblower complaint against the utility regulator, alleging she was fired for cooperating with federal investigators probing the Commission’s lax oversight of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). According to The Mercury News, Judge Karen Valentina Clopton claims the Utilities Commission dismissed her from her top-ranking judicial position in August in retaliation for her cooperation with federal investigators probing the 2010 natural gas explosion that destroyed a San Bruno, California neighborhood. The explosion occurred when an old 30-inch natural gas pipeline ruptured underneath a suburban neighborhood just ... Read More

Florida nursing home in hurricane death scandal also tied to Medicare fraud

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The closer investigators look into the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, where eight residents died after a power outage in the wake of Hurricane Irma knocked out the air conditioning, the dirtier things look. Court records show that the nursing home was part of the biggest Medicare fraud case ever filed against individuals in U.S. history. The Hollywood, Florida nursing home is affiliated with Larkin Community Hospital, both of which are owned by Dr. Jack Michel. Larkin and Michel, along with Michael’s former business associate Philip Esformes, were named in a 2004 civil case, which was also filed in Miami. Michel, Esformes ... Read More

Equifax Data Breach Prompts Consumer Protection Bills


Several Democratic senators have introduced consumer-protection bills aimed at preventing another cyberattack like the Equifax data breach that compromised the financial data and other sensitive information of 143 million U.S. consumers. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz introduced the “Freedom from Equifax Exploitation” (FREE) Act to give control over credit and other personal information back to consumers. Sen. Warren’s office said the Equifax hack highlighted just how little control consumers have over the collection, use, and sale of their highly sensitive personal data. “Credit reporting agencies like Equifax make billions of dollars collecting and selling personal data ... Read More

If Equifax Calls You, Hang up. It’s A Scam.


The Equifax data breach has caused millions of U.S. consumers anxiety over the potential risk of identity theft. But whether you were personally affected by the Equifax hack, U.S. regulators want you to be aware of other potential scams arising from the breach. The first thing to note is that Equifax is not going to call you, so if you get a call and someone on the other end says, “This is Equifax calling to verify your account information,” don’t tell them anything and hang up. Other scammers may try to trick you into giving sensitive personal information over the ... Read More

Medicare Issuing New Cards To Curb Identity Theft

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To guard against identity theft and other forms of fraud that harm Medicare and its beneficiaries, the U.S. government will be issuing new Medicare cards that no longer show the beneficiary’s social security number. The new cards will display a new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) that will be used for billing and for checking the eligibility and claim status. Just as importantly, these new cards will be issued automatically, without the need to give anyone any additional information, for any reason. “Having your Social Security number removed from your Medicare card helps fight medical identity theft and protects your medical ... Read More

Hackers Stole Your Data From Equifax. Now What?


Do you have a credit report? If so, there’s a good chance that you are one of the 143 million Americans whose personal and credit information was accessed when hackers broke into Equifax’s database. Unlike citizens of the European Union, who have a right to have their sensitive information removed from online databases, U.S. citizens are under constant threat of identity theft because they have no control over what corporations store their information. When unknown hackers broke into Equifax, they obtained names, social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and even credit card account numbers and disputed credit information. ... Read More

New Orleans Woman Convicted for Fraudulent Medicare Kickbacks

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A New Orleans woman has been convicted of multiple criminal charges for her involvement in a Medicare fraud scheme to obtain illegal kickbacks for referring mentally ill Medicare beneficiaries to home health agencies in and around New Orleans. After a two-day trial, a Louisiana federal jury found Kim Ricard guilty of conspiracy, identity theft, and making false statements to law enforcement in connection with her part in the illegal kickback scheme, which reaped about $2.1 million from the government health care program, the U.S. Department of Justice announced. Federal prosecutors alleged at trial that in addition to engaging in the ... Read More

Galena to pay $7.5M for illegally pushing potent opioid

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Galena Biopharma Inc., was ordered to pay more than $7.55 million to resolve allegations that it paid kickbacks to doctors to prescribe its potent fentanyl-based drug Abstral, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced. Abstral is a powerful opioid that is only approved for breakthrough pain in cancer patients 18 years of age and older who are already tolerant to opioid therapy for their underlying persistent cancer pain. It is contraindicated for patients who are not already tolerant to opioids because life-threatening respiratory depression and death can result at any dose in patients not on a chronic regimen of opioids. For this ... Read More