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Predicted Regions dividend drop

The Birmingham News reported this week that Regions Financial Corp. may cut its dividend to shareholders as a result of defaulting real estate loans and a series of lawsuits in relation to Morgan Keegan investment fraud. Morgan Keegan is a subsidiary of Regions, as a brokerage unit. The dividend reduction was predicted by Standard & Poor’s Corp. Currently, the News reports, Regions’ 38-cent quarterly dividend yields around 11 percent. The paper said banks are reducing dividends across the industry, largely due to the crisis in the housing market, as losses from home loans continue to climb. ... Read More

$4 Million Claim

An arbitration claim against Morgan Keegan was filed May 22 with the office of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and their Office of Dispute Resolution on behalf of an investor who lost an astounding $4 million. The plaintiff alleges damages relating to the sale of unsuitable bond funds. According to the filing, the claim is based on alleged misrepresentation and omission of material information in the identified Funds’ registration statements and prospectus releases with regard to the nature, and the extent of the Funds’ investments in collateralized debt obligations (CDSs), together with the resulting exposure to the sub prime ... Read More

CountryMark Losses

In February, the Indianapolis Business Journal reported one of its locally based companies, CountryMark Cooperative, was joining the lawsuit against Morgan Keegan, which it says fraudulently invested funds in high-risk mortgaged-based securities. CountryMark alleges misrepresentation of funds, saying Morgan Keegan presented its investment portfolio as low-risk. According to the report, Morgan Keegan directed the farmer-owned co-op toward a $10 million investment in mortgage-backed securities, including subprime. CountryMark purchased the note on Aug. 10, 2007. Seven days later, ratings agencies downgraded the A+-rated investment to junk status and it remains in default. CountryMark is suing Memphis-based Morgan Keegan, a division of ... Read More

Subprime Mess at Morgan Keegan

Another class-action lawsuit related to issues regarding the disclosure of subprime debt obligations surfaced in early February when the law firm of Chitwood, Harley, Harnes LLP filed against certain mutual funds offered by Morgan Keegan Select Fund Inc. The suit, filed in Tennessee, claims that several of Morgan Keegan’s funds were invested in collaterized debt obligations (CDOs) that were backed by subprime mortgages. The lawsuit, like many others related to subprime debt obligations, claims investors who vested in the funds were not made aware of the fund’s full exposure to the risky loans until the loans faced greater deterioration in ... Read More