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Check safety guidelines during Child Passenger Safety Week

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Crashes are the leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years old, according to the National Safety Council. To prevent unnecessary injury, safety organizations across the country are encouraging caregivers to take time during national Child Passenger Safety Week, September 17-23, to examine car safety systems and research information that could save young lives. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ provides information on the types of car seats and corresponding ages for each: Infants and toddlers should use only rear-facing or rear-facing convertible car seats until they are at least 2 years old and typically up to 40 ... Read More

More Maradol papayas recalled due to Salmonella risk


Bravo Produce Inc., of San Ysidro, California, is recalling Maradol papayas, grown by Productores y Exportadores de Carica Papaya de Tecomán y Costa Alegre SPR of RL and packed by Frutas Selectas de Tijuana, S. de RL de CV, because laboratory testing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed Salmonella in some of the papayas. Salmonella is a bacteria that can cause infections that can be serious or life threatening in some people, including children, the elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In rare circumstances, Salmonella infection can result ... Read More

Soap recalled for bacterial contamination

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Dr. Brown’s Natural Bottle & Dish Soap is under voluntary recall for possible contamination. That’s right: The cleaning agent is being recalled for potentially containing harmful bacteria that poses health risks. Didn’t think that it was possible for soap to contain bacteria? National Public Radio reports that all soap, even antibacterial soap, can contain bacteria. It’s all about trying to keep the bacteria at bay using antimicrobial agents to keep their numbers small. However, as the Dr. Brown’s recall suggests, bacteria can become unruly. Dr. Brown’s Natural Bottle & Dish Soap, manufactured by Greenblenz of Auburn Hills, Michigan, and distributed by ... Read More

USDA FoodKeeper App now includes recall notices

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) FoodKeeper app aims to help consumers properly store food and beverages, maximizing freshness and quality while also helping prevent foodborne illnesses. The app has now integrated food safety recalls into its platform. “This is a great way for the public to stay informed when food is recalled,” Acting Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety Carmen Rottenberg said in a release. “The FoodKeeper app is a very handy and easy to use tool; and it reflects USDA’s commitment to provide the public with information and knowledge to help them make informed decisions.” Depending on preference, ... Read More

E-Cigarette Blast Triggers Panic in London Train Station

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It’s amazing how much chaos a small device like an e-cigarette or a lithium battery can stir up. British Transport Police evacuated London’s Euston Station Wednesday, Aug. 30 and put the train system on lockdown due to a bomb threat that actually was, in all likelihood, an e-cigarette exploding inside a train passenger’s bag. Several people in the crowded terminal abandoned their bags and fled when the bag started smoking. A restaurant worker at the Leon Restaurant inside the station told The Independent that it was a scene of sheer panic. “People started rushing towards the restaurant and some younger ... Read More

Bugs and rodent droppings at ice-pop maker facility

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Southern ice cream vendor King of Pops aims to make lives a little sweeter, but Food and Drug Administration (FDA) personnel who inspected the company’s Atlanta, Georgia facility found some rather unappetizing surprises. Under a food storage rack, inside a aw ingredient box and near a water heater basin inspectors counted nearly 150 rodent excreta pellets, “evidence of active rodent activity,” the FDA said in a warning letter, which means the company’s products “may have become contaminated with filth, or … been rendered injurious to health.” Inspectors also found “seven live fly-like insects” buzzing around and landing all over the facility, including ... Read More

Beware of Chinese Made Copper Pipe, watchdog Group Warns


Beware of Chinese-made copper pipes, pipe fittings, and other plumbing supplies not made in the U.S., consumer watchdog group Plumbing Pipe Advocate advises, adding that homeowners could find themselves with little legal recourse if they experience a major plumbing failure caused by defective materials. According to the group, “As we have seen with other Chinese made building products such as toxic Chinese drywall, if the homebuilder goes broke because they used defective construction products the homeowner’s only recourse may be attempting [to] file a lawsuit against a Chinese company. As we saw with toxic Chinese drywall the Chinese do not stand behind the products ... Read More

CPSC offers fidget spinner safety tips as school starts

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The days of math lessons, reading drills and school lunches are right around the corner for students and teachers across the country, if they haven’t arrived already. Whether schools are embracing the fidget spinner craze or banning the gadgets, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants them to be used safely and has added fidget spinner safety tips to its Safety Education Center in light of injury reports. “As the agency investigates some reported incidents associated with this popular product, fidget spinner users or potential buyers should take some precautions,” CPSC Acting Chairman Ann Marie Buerkle said in a statement. ... Read More

Comfy Cow ice cream recalled


Several Comfy Cow ice cream products may cause your tummy to feel anything but. The company announced a recall of several assorted varieties of ice cream pints that may be contaminated with the diarrhea-causing bacteria E.coli. The potential contamination is no laughing matter. E.coli bacteria can cause diarrhea and dehydration. Most people infected recover, but the bacteria can be deadly so if illness is suspected, medical attention is advised. No illnesses related to these recalled ice cream products have been reported to date. The recall involves Comfy Cow brand pints of Banana Pudding Y’all, Chocolate Squared2, Cookies and Cream, Cow Trax, ... Read More

Papaya recall expanded


More papayas have been recalled for fear they may be contaminated with salmonella, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced. Agroson’s LLC of Bronx, New York, is recalling 2,483 boxes of Maradol Papaya Cavi Brand, grown and packaged by Carica de Campeche, and Freshtex Produce of Alamo, Texas, is recalling Valery brand Maradol Papayas also grown and packed by Carica de Campeche, because other brands that buy from this farm have tested positive for salmonella. Affected Agroson’s LLC products were distributed to wholesalers in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey from July 16 to 19, 2017, and were available for sale ... Read More