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KitchenAid Electric Kettles Recalled Over Burn Risks

The risk of burn injuries from a KitchenAid electric kettle defect has prompted the manufacturer and U.S. regulators to announce a safety recall of the product The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said that Whirlpool is recalling more than 40,000 of the electric KitchenAid kettles after receiving 79 reports claiming the device is unsafe to use. The complaints say that the handle on the kettles loosened and detached, causing the hot contents to spill. According to the CPSC, Whirlpool has received three reports of burn injuries associated with the KitchenAid electric kettle defect. “This recall involves KitchenAid 1.7 Liter ... Read More

Salmonella outbreak linked to Jimmy John’s sprouts deemed over

An outbreak of Salmonella infections linked to sprouts served at Jimmy John’s restaurants in Illinois and Wisconsin, as well as a grocery store in Minnesota, appears to be over according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and state and local agencies. Furthermore, any contaminated sprouts that made people sick in this outbreak would be beyond their shelf life and no longer be on the market. Ten people were infected during the outbreak with strains of Salmonella Montevideo – two in Illinois, two in Minnesota, and six in Wisconsin. The CDC notified ... Read More

CSPC sues Britax over allegedly defective jogging strollers

Britax Child Safety Inc., was hit with a lawsuit by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) over claims that some of its jogging strollers are defective and have injured both young children and adults, and that the company is being negligent for not recalling the strollers. The lawsuit claims that the front wheel of some models of Britax jogging strollers can suddenly pop off while in use when the quick-release feature fails to keep the wheel in place. When the wheel comes off, the front fort that holds the wheel in place digs into the ground and tips the stroller, ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Batteries Caused 191 Aviation Emergencies Since 1991

Lithium-ion batteries are blamed for at least 191 incidents of explosion, fire, and smoke in airports and aircraft since March 20, 1991, according to a new report from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). According to the FAA report, the incidents involved lithium-ion batteries carried in passenger bags or transported as cargo and used to power a multitude of devices including e-cigarettes, laptop computers, cameras, flashlights, and cell phones, among others. Incidents of lithium-ion batteries overheating, exploding, bursting into flames, and smoking have prompted emergency landings and airport evacuations on multiple occasions, the FAA report shows. The incidents, which can snowball ... Read More

Burn Injuries, Fires Prompt Hair Dryer Recall

Dozens of reports of smoke, sparks, and burn injuries associated with a hand-held hair dryer have prompted a nationwide recall of Ionic Pro hair dryer sold under the “ISO Beauty” and “Proliss” brand names. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says about 73,000 of the Chinese-made hair dryers have been imported and sold in the U.S. The agency said that the recalled hair dryers were sold online from March 2013 through January 2018 through,,,, and The devices were priced between $30-$40. An additional 1,000 units were sold in Canada, the CPSC said. The safety hazard stems ... Read More

Energy drinks cited as the cause of man’s brain bleed, strokes

Nick M. wants energy drinks to be banned after suffering a brain hemorrhage and three mini-strokes after consuming 25 cans of Monster and Red Bull in six hours. The U.K. man downed the energy drinks to keep him alert during a karaoke evening in a night club. But hours after the event, the 56-year-old man developed a severe headache so painful that he was rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a brain bleed caused by caffeine overdose. During the week that followed his hospitalization, Nick suffered three mini-strokes. He now has difficulty speaking and pronouncing words. “It ... Read More

Salmonella Concerns with Dog Food, Treat Recalls may affect humans

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced three separate recalls of dog food and dog treats, saying the items may cause Salmonella infections among humans who handle the food or come in close contact with pets that ingest it. Raws for Paws, a Minneapolis-based raw pet food manufacturer, is recalling about 4,000 pounds of pet food made with raw ground turkey and sold in 1 lb. and 5 lb.  packages. According to the FDA, the pet food was mainly distributed to retail locations throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, as well as online. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and ... Read More

New Lithium-Ion Battery Transport Rules on the Horizon

New rules restricting the ways lithium-ion batteries are transported are among a handful of regulatory changes the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is expected to make in 2018. According to Occupational Health and Safety, the proposed rule-making is one of five rules governing the handling of hazardous materials the DOT is expected to pass and publish as final rules before the fall of 2018. The new rules, Enhanced Safety Provisions for Lithium Batteries Transported by Aircraft, will put the U.S. in step with international requirements for lithium-ion battery rules already in effect. The new safety rules were proposed by the ... Read More

Lithium Battery Explosion Eyed as Cause of Oregon House fire

A charging lithium battery inside a laptop could be to blame for causing a fire that forced a family to evacuate their Portland, Oregon-area home in the middle of the night. Homeowner Mark Rust told Portland, Oregon’s KPTV FOX 12 he and his family were asleep in their home in Tigard when they were awakened by a loud explosion in another part of the house. They called for help upon finding their living room ablaze. Mr. Rust said an older laptop computer had been charging. “Earlier in the evening I had plugged in an older laptop to recharge it, and ... Read More

Bed Bug Pesticide Maker Barred From Fraudulent Marketing Claims

The manufacturer of a line of bed bug products it touted as effective in stopping and preventing bed bug infestation has settled Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it violated a previous FTC order barring it from making scientifically unsupported claims. According to the FTC, under the settlement, Chemical Free Solutions LLC, the maker and seller of Best Yet! Cedarcide Original cedar-oil based bed bug products, is required to admit that it violated a 2013 FTC order barring it from deceptive marketing practices, must agree to stop making and selling bed bug eradication products, and pay $224,356 in consumer refunds. The FTC’s previous ... Read More