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60,000 Mazda6 vehicles recalled for wiring issue

Mazda is facing its second major recall this year. This time the recall centers on certain 2015-2016 Mazda6 vehicles for a wiring malfunction. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states in a recall notice, “Debris from the welding process during manufacturing of the front passenger seat frame may damage the occupant classification system (OCS) wiring.” The damaged wiring could cause a loss of power steering assist and deactivate the passenger airbag. The issue is estimated to affect almost 58,000 vehicles on the roadways. Mazda will notify owners potentially affected by the defect and authorized dealers will attach a “protective ... Read More

Want to be a Self-Driving Car Engineer? A Lyft Scholarship Could Help

The App-based ride service Lyft is doing its part to make sure self-driving cars will soon become a reality. The San Francisco-based company announced it is partnering with the education platform Udacity to offer scholarships to teens interested in becoming self-driving vehicle engineers. Udacity, an online education portal, kicked off its first 36-week “nanodegree” course for self-driving car engineering last year. It also offers an introductory course to self-driving engineering designed to provide students who possess minimal programming experience the foundation they need to enter the larger career-oriented program. Lyft is partnering with Udacity to offer students scholarships to the four-month introductory program. Not ... Read More

Self-Driving Car Ready For Mass Production, GM and Cruise Announce

A unit of General Motors developing self-driving auto technology announced that it is ready to begin production of fully automated, driverless cars on a mass scale once the software is fully developed and the regulatory environment is ready. “Today, we’re announcing the first production design of a self-driving car that can be built at massive scale,” Kyle Vogt, CEO and founder of Cruise Automation, a self-driving car developer that GM acquired as a startup last year, told Tech Crunch. “And more importantly, these vehicles can operate without a driver.” All the mechanical components of the self-driving cars are in place. ... Read More

Rule Clearing Way For Self-Driving Cars Passed By House

The U.S. House passed a bold proposal Wednesday that would help get self-driving cars without human control on the roads faster and preemptively bar states from taking any actions to ban the automated cars. The proposed bill, which now goes to the Senate for a vote, would allow automakers exemptions to deploy as many as 25,000 autonomous vehicles on the road without meeting existing auto safety standards in the first year and as many as 100,000 annually over the next three years, Reuters reported. Waymo and other automakers developing self-driving technologies have been pushing federal legislators for measures that would ... Read More

Are CO1 Leaks In Ford Explorer Injuring Police Officers?

An investigation of potential carbon monoxide leaks in police-modified Ford Explorers is being expanded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with reports of the alleged problem soaring in the past couple of years. The alleged carbon monoxide leaks could explain why dozens of officers in the Austin, Texas, police force are becoming sick, including some who are said to be suffering from long-term neurological damage, NBC News reported. According to NBC, the Austin Police Department has docked more than 60 of its Police Interceptor Vehicles from the street. Ford Explorer SUVs are popular among many of the nation’s law ... Read More

Ford says Takata Airbag Safety Issue ‘Inconsequential’

Ford Motor Company is expected to file a petition with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in an effort to resist recalling approximately 2.5 million vehicles as part of the Takata airbag safety recall, Reuters reports. John Cangany, a Ford spokesman, explained that it is filing the petition because it “believes the issue is inconsequential.” The safety recall is the largest in U.S. history and is now linked to 17 deaths and more than 180 injuries worldwide. As Beasley Allen has previously explained the recall stems from the chemical compound used in the airbag inflators. Takata admits to ... Read More

Battery Fire Risk Prompts Latest Honda Recall

A defective battery sensor at risk of catching fire is forcing Honda to recall approximately 2.1 million Honda Accord vehicles worldwide, Reuters reports. The vehicles are from the 2013-2016 model years and include 1.15 million vehicles in the U.S. where 3,972 warranty claims relating to the issue have already been submitted to the auto manufacturer. The sensor on a 12-volt battery may not be sealed adequately, which allows moisture to breach the seal. The trapped moisture may attract other material, such as road salt, over time that causes the sensor to rust and ultimately short circuit. At least five engine ... Read More

Takata Recalls 2.7 Million Additional Airbags in U.S.

Federal auto regulators ordered auto supplier Takata on Wednesday to recall an additional 2.7 million airbags over fears the inflators in them could potentially rupture with deadly force. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) latest order applies to Takata airbags in vehicles made by Ford, Mazda, and Nissan.The recalled vehicles are equipped with PSDI-5 driver frontal air bag inflators that use calcium sulfate as a desiccant. The airbags may rupture due to propellant degradation occurring after long-term exposure to moderate absolute humidity, temperatures, and temperature cycling. According to NHTSA, the moisture-absorbing abilities of the airbag inflators containing this desiccant ... Read More

Ford Recalls 402,462 Transits

Potentially faulty drive shafts forced automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company to recall 402,462 Transits in North America this week at a cost of $142 million. It is the second of two massive quality control recalls for the company in less than a year. A defective coupling could allow the drive shaft to separate, “cutting off motive power, causing the vehicle to move while parked or damaging surrounding parts,” USA Today reports. The recalled vans include model-years 2015 through 2017 and were assembled at Ford’s Kansas City, Missouri, plant from Jan. 17, 2014, to June 15, 2017. The company claims that ... Read More

Car Travel safety Tips

This holiday weekend, AAA estimates 44.2 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home, which will make 2017 “the most traveled Independence Day holiday weekend ever.” For those traveling by car, the insurance group offers tips for safer and more enjoyable travel. Car Maintenance: Consider having your car checked by an automotive technician before a long trip. Check the tires regularly for uneven or excessive tread wear. Make sure all items, including the spare, are inflated properly. Do at least one check BEFORE hitting the road, as tires hot from driving give inaccurate inflation readings. Check the ... Read More