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One of the broadest categories for people needing legal help is Personal Injury. Our attorneys in this area see people who are hurting in a number of ways – physically, mentally and emotionally – whose lives have been set on an unexpected path through no fault of their own. They began one day just like any other, going to work or going about their business, only to encounter an unimaginable situation resulting in traumatic loss, serious injury or death. Just like that, dreams are dashed. Families are robbed of a mother or father, of peace of mind.

Personal Injury claims might involve single vehicle wrecks, traffic accidents, accidents in the work place, assault claims, accidents in the home, and nursing home neglect and abuse. Many times when our skilled team of professional investigators takes a look at a personal injury claim, they find a defective product is to blame. We help ensure that manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers and others who make products available to the public are held responsible for the injuries those products cause.

Gavilon Grain Faces Sharp Penalties After Grain Engulfment Deaths

An Omaha, Nebraska-based grain company faces more than half a million dollars in penalties after two workers perished in a grain engulfment accident. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) said it assessed penalties of more than $507,000 against Gavilon Grain LLC for safety failures that led to the grain engulfment deaths of two workers in Wichita, Kansas, last January. Joshua Rasbold, 28, and Marcus Tice, 32, were working in a Gavilon soybean storage elevator when they fell into the grain and were buried under 25 feet of dried soybeans. It took rescuers two hours to pull the bodies ... Read More

BMW Contractor Fined Little After Worker’s Death

After a worker was killed at a South Carolina BMW Manufacturing plant in March, state safety regulators cited the man’s employer, Lodige USA, for four violations and assessed penalties amounting to just under $7,000. As Columbia, South Carolina’s The State notes, the $6,975 in fines amount to less than one-sixth the average value of a new BMW like the ones being made at the German automaker’s Spartanburg, South Carolina facility where the deadly accident occurred. Proposing such inconsequential fines for serious safety violations – those that threaten workers with the risk of injury or death – offer little to no ... Read More

Maryland Natural Gas Explosion Victims Waiting for Answers

More than two years after a natural gas explosion destroyed a Maryland apartment building, killing seven people and injuring dozens more, residents are still waiting for the results of a federal investigation. Residents of the Flower Branch Apartment complex in Silver Spring, Maryland, complained repeatedly about the smell of natural gas on the premises before one of the buildings exploded just before midnight on Aug. 10, 2016. The natural gas explosion leveled much of the building, killing Saeda Ibrahim, 41; Augusto Jimenez Sr., 62; Maria Auxiliadorai Castellon-Martinez, 53; Aseged Mekonen, 34; Deibi “David” Samir Lainez Morales, 8; Fernando Josue Hernandez ... Read More

Crane maker cited after three workers die in crane collapse

Shady Grove, Pennsylvania-based crane manufacturing company Manitowoc Co., was cited by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and faces penalties of $14,976, through its subsidiary Grove U.S. LLC, for a Feb. 2 crane collapse that killed three workers. An OSHA investigation determined that the company’s MLC300 crawler crane’s boom and luffing jib collapsed in 40 mph wind, killing Isaac Dean Notz, 38; Chris Robison, 49; and John Marcoux, 66. Two other workers were injured. The workplace safety agency said that Manitowoc Co. placed employee work facilities too close to the crane testing area, “where they were in danger of ... Read More

Recovery of Alaska Tour Plane Crash Victims Too Dangerous to Proceed

Efforts to recover the bodies of five people killed in an Alaska “flightseeing” plane crash earlier this month have been called off, park rangers said, because the operation would exceed an acceptable level of risk to recovery workers. “Due to the unique challenges posed by the steepness of terrain, the crevasse, avalanche hazard and the condition of the aircraft, NPS has determined that recovery of the deceased and/or removal of the aircraft exceed an acceptable level of risk in all three factors and will not be attempted,” the National Park Service said in a news release. The de Havilland Beaver ... Read More

Boeing to Open Autonomous Aircraft Development Center at MIT

You’ve heard of autonomous cars and trucks, but there’s now another fast-emerging player in the world of self-driving technology – one that aims to make traffic safer and more efficient not on the roads but in the air. Boeing has announced that it will open its new Boeing Aerospace and Autonomy Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), becoming the first major tenant of its new Kendall Square District. Through its Kendall Square Initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the university will develop six buildings to house a blend of lab and research, office, housing, and retail space. The aircraft manufacturer said ... Read More

FEMA chief addresses sexual harassment following investigation of agency’s HR director

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator William “Brock” Long sent all employees an email describing the seven-month-long investigation into sexual harassment allegations involving the agency’s former personnel chief and discussed measures he was taking to address the issue including mandatory training, new counseling services, and a new office to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. FEMA personnel chief Corey Coleman, who resigned from his post at the FEMA headquarters in June under allegations of sexual harassment, had been the source of complaints dating back to 2015. Coleman was a senior executive bringing in an annual salary of $177,150, and oversaw the ... Read More

OSHA panel considers roofing company’s excessive heat exposure fine

Mark Rainey’s first day on the job for A.H. Sturgill Roofing Inc., ended tragically when, after five hours working in direct sunlight under hot temperatures, the 60-year-old man developed heat stroke, was admitted to the hospital with a core body temperature of 105.4 degrees, and died 21 days later. Sturgill Roofing was fined $8,820, but the three-member Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission could toss out that fine because the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn’t have specific regulations for heat. Not only does that make it harder to prove that the roofing company is at fault, it could ... Read More

OSHA Fines Patterson-UTI for Deadly Oklahoma Gas Rig Explosion

Safety failures triggered a massive explosion at a Patterson-UTI drilling site in eastern Oklahoma earlier this year, causing five workers to die of severe burns and blast injuries. Now federal regulators have assessed penalties of more than $118,000 for UTI-Patterson and two other companies involved with the drilling site. The explosion and subsequent fire occurred Jan. 22 on a Patterson-UTI drilling rig near Quinton, Oklahoma. It was the largest and deadliest drilling blast to occur since BP’s Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010. The remains of the five workers who died in the explosion were ... Read More

Golfer Swarmed by Yellow Jackets has Premises Liability Lawsuit Revived

A California appeals court has reinstated a premises liability lawsuit against a California golf club brought by a woman who nearly died after being swarmed by yellow jackets on the green. Plaintiff Carolyn Staat was taking golf lessons at the Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville, California in July 2013 when a swarm of yellow jackets attacked her and her instructor, according to Business Insurance. The swarm continued to pursue and sting Ms. Staat, who had to run about 150 yards before the attack ceased, the premises liability lawsuit alleges. The lawsuit, which also accuses the golf club of general negligence, ... Read More