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Advocacy group demands answers from state

A watchdog group that advocates for the developmentally disabled is pressuring Nebraska state leaders to look into the care at the troubled state-run Beatrice State Developmental Center, according to the Fremont Tribune. Three deaths that occurred in three weeks on the same floor of the 240-bed home for the developmentally disabled have raised the suspicions of Nebraska Advocacy Group. “This demands an immediate response, not a promise to do something in the future. They’ve had a history of un-kept promises,” Nebraska Advocacy Group litigation director Bruce Mason told the newspaper. The group sent a letter last week to state leaders including ... Read More

Case worsens against Peanut Corp. tied to salmonella outbreak

Federal officials have been reporting that that the Peanut Corporation of America had salmonella-contaminated peanut butter retested in an apparent effort to obtain negative results. however, this week the Food and Drug Administration corrected its report, saying that in some cases the peanut processing plant in Blakely, Georgia, didn’t wait for results of the second tests before sending shipments of peanut butter. In other cases, independent labs hired by the Peanut Corp. found salmonella in some peanut butter, but the company shipped it out anyway, without retesting. These latest findings indicate that the Peanut Corporation was either grossly negligent or, ... Read More

Peanut Corp’s Texas plant ran unlicensed, uninspected since 2005

Most of the news concerning the massive peanut butter recall has focused on the manufacturing facility in Blakely, Georgia where Peanut Corporation of America produced the contaminated peanut butter that sickened so many people. Now Peanut Corporation’s other factory in Plainview, Texas, is in the spotlight because it operated unlicensed and uninspected for nearly four years. Just how the Texas plant could have operated under the radar for four years raises questions about the effectiveness of government in keeping the nation’s food clean and safe to eat. The Food and Drug Administration relies on the state of Texas, as it ... Read More

Vermont couple sues Peanut Corp. over son’s salmonella poisoning

Seven-year-old Christopher Meunier spent nearly a week in the hospital late last year after eating some peanut butter crackers contaminated with salmonella. The boy’s parents, Gabrielle and Daryl Meunier of Burlington, Vermont, are now suing the Peanut Corporation of America for an undisclosed amount of money. The particular strain of salmonella that sickened the boy is the same strain as the salmonella tied to Peanut Corporation’s manufacturing facility in Blakely, Georgia. Investigators from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration identified the strain as Salmonella Typhimurium. The salmonella found in the peanut butter products was one of four different strains detected ... Read More

Russian nursing home fire kills 23, proves fire safety lax in country

Only four people managed to escape. But the others – 23 people who were unable to walk or crawl to safety – perished in a devastating fire at a government nursing home in Podyeisk, Russia, according to CBS News. The single-story building burned so quickly that it was entirely engulfed in flames by the time fire fighters arrived. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined but many are beginning to suspect the 45-year-old building’s poor infrastructure and the gross negligence of a nursing home manager, who had been fined several times prior to the fires for neglecting ... Read More

Probe of salmonella outbreak uncovers earlier peanut problems

A shipment of chopped peanuts from Peanut Corporation of America’s Blakely, Georgia, facility was rejected in Canada because it was deemed “filthy and putrid,” officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.  The shipment was refused by the importer in Canada in April 2008. The importer requested that it be destroyed. Tests of the refused shipment later showed that the chopped peanuts contained metal fragments. The shipment was not destroyed until November 17, more than 7 months after it was rejected, because the Peanut Corporation tried to clean it up. “The shipment was rejected from Canada and imported back to the ... Read More

Nursing aide arrested for burning disabled man

Staff at the Fort Worth, Texas group nursing home run by Medical Case Management couldn’t tell Archie and Helene Kennon why their 27-year-old son Asher had burns down his neck and arm. And neither could Asher. The young man hadn’t spoken since he was a child. Searching for answers, the Kennon family called the police, according to CBS 11 TV. The police launched an investigation at the home, interviewing everyone there who had contact with Asher. It was only then that the staff director admitted to wrong doing – she had burned him with hot water. That admission led to the ... Read More

Congress announces first hearing on peanut butter recall

Representative Henry Waxman, D-Cal. and Representative Bart Stupak, D-MI announced on Thursday that congress will hold the first public hearing on the salmonella outbreak that has been traced to Peanut Corporation of America’s peanut butter products. Last week we reported how Peanut Corp. found some of their peanut butter to be tainted with salmonella but sold and shipped the products anyway. After the products tested positive for salmonella in internal tests, the company had the products retested by external labs, who reported negative readings. The re-tests outraged some members of congress, who accused Peanut Corp. of shopping around for negative ... Read More

Nursing home worker fired after reporting abuse

Something seems amiss at Montrose Health Center in Iowa. Lora Washburn was following rules when she reported an incident of abuse she witnessed at the nursing home where she worked. But a few days later she was fired, according to The Des Moines Register and The Hawkeye. Washburn was working as marketing and admissions coordinator at Montrose when she spotted a coworker chiding a resident who was in a wheelchair. The worker, who had been with the facility 11 years, called the resident pathetic, reducing the patient to tears. Washburn reported the incident to the nursing home administrator, David Payne, ... Read More

traumatic brain injuries greatly varied in cause, type, and symptoms

Half of all traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in the United States are caused in accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles, says the National Institutes of Health, the medical and behavioral research arm of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Approximately 20 percent of serious head injuries are the result of violent acts, such as gun shot wounds and beatings. TBIs are commonly found in babies and children who have been violently shaken. In older people, head injuries associated with falling are the top cause of TBIs. Many brain injuries occur without direct impact to the head. Combat ... Read More