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Cuomo continues to investigate nursing home abuse, neglect

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo continues to target those who abuse and neglect individuals in institutional care homes. Earlier this week, three employees of a western New York nursing home were charged and one convicted of abusive acts against elderly patients. Many of the patients attacked have cognitive disorders, according to WIVB-TV. The violent acts are hard to fathom. Corey Austin, a certified nursing aide (CNA), was convicted of using racial epithets and attacking a patient by assisting another staff member in taking the patient back to his room and then repeatedly pushing the patient onto the floor. Austin ... Read More

Was the Black Friday Wal-Mart trampling anyone’s fault?

After the trampling of a 34-year-old Wal-Mart employee on Black Friday, there is bound to be a lot of finger pointing. Some people who were hurt in the incident blame not just Wal-Mart but the Nassau County Police Department as well. The police, the grocery worker’s union, and others blame Wal-Mart. And Wal-Mart seems to be shrugging its shoulders as if to suggest it’s never before heard of mob mentality and crowd control. The truth is that Wal-Mart, like many other giant retailers throughout the country, knows about consumer behavior. Wal-Mart knows how to work a crowd. “The safety and ... Read More

Pilot project has coroners investigate all nursing home deaths

John Whalen visited 87-year-old Bernice Mulch weekly at a Jacksonville, Ill., nursing home. Whalen, who had legal authority over the woman’s care, had no reason to believe that his friend was not getting adequate care. After she passed away, the Morgan County coroner investigated her death and determined that that Mulch’s death was caused by a nursing home staff member’s failure to follow doctor’s orders to give her antibiotics for an arm infection. As a result, the nursing home was fined $10,000 by the state, according to the State Journal-Register. When Whalen learned that his friend’s death was being investigated, ... Read More

Assisted living employee fired for verbal abuse

Caring and Sharing Home for Adults is home to up to 46 people in need of assistance from others. Like the nearly 50 other assisted living facilities in Newport News, Va., it is inspected by the state’s licensing division at least once a year. In 2008, the facility was inspected nine times – more than half of those were in response to complaints. The complaints were often anonymous and varied between neglect to children living there to spoiled food. But a new complaint about alleged verbal abuse by one employee resulted in action by the facility, according to the Daily ... Read More

Family sues county, administrator resigns over nun’s death

Here is an update on a story we reported last month about an investigation into a Rockland County, N.Y., nursing home where a 90-year-old nun was killed when the closet in her room toppled over onto her. According to Lo Hud, New York’s Lower Hudson Valley newspaper, in the wake of the investigation into Summit Park Nursing Care, the patient-services administrator has announced he plans to resign and the maintenance director is taking an early retirement package. The nursing home’s patient-services administrator Aldo Trolani also served as the county’s acting commissioner of hospitals for the Department of Hospitals. The falling ... Read More

father and son sue Wal-Mart for Black Friday stampede injuries

A man and his son who were caught in the crowd that stormed the doors of a Long Island Wal-Mart have now filed a lawsuit against the retail chain for injuries they sustained in the Black Friday incident. The stampede of anxious customers took down the Wal-Mart’s doors as employees began to unlock them, killing one 34-year-old employee. According to a report by CNN, 51-year-old Fritz Mesadieu and 19-year-old Jonathan Mesadieu were “literally carried from their position outside the store” when the Wal-Mart doors came down. Kenneth Mollins, the attorney hired by the men to represent them in the suit, ... Read More

Nursing home aides face serious charges in abuse-for-thrills case

Two of the Minnesota nursing home aides charged in the “attacks for thrills” on vulnerable patients at Good Samaritan Society in Albert Lea are being charged as adults, according to Fox News. The remaining four suspects are charged with failing to report the incidents and will be tried as juveniles. When we first brought you this story in August, only four aides had been charged in the case that has horrified family members of the suspects’ victims. A coworker revealed to the nursing home that she was aware of the accused aides allegedly holding down residents, putting their fingers in ... Read More

Was Wal-Mart negligent in the black friday trampling?

An impatient crowd, frenzied by the thought of saving some money this holiday season, pushes through the doors of Wal-Mart as a temporary employee unlocks them early Friday morning. The doors are ripped from their hinges and smashed as the crowd pushes forward, trampling the holiday worker and others caught underfoot. 34-year-old Jdimytai Damour, a 6’5” 270-pound man hired to help with the holiday crowds, was crushed to death on the floor of the Nassau County, Long Island, Wal-Mart as hundreds of people stepped on him. Others were also injured, including a 28-year-old woman who is eight months pregnant. While ... Read More

Family secretly video tapes abuse of nursing home resident

Armeda Thomas’ family was desperate to know the origin of Armeda’s mysterious bruises. The 84-year-old woman lived in Madison Manor nursing home in Richmond, Ken., and has Alzheimer’s Disease, which made getting the answers from her simply impossible. Even nursing home staff couldn’t tell family members why Armeda was covered in bruises. So the family took matters in their own hands and, last August, without knowledge of the nursing home, placed a hidden camera in Armeda’s room and pointed it to her bed. “We were just so desperate to know the truth and for other people to know the truth,” ... Read More

Nursing home blamed for resident molesting another resident

An Edmond, Okla., nursing home has been fined $3,000 and is currently unable to receive Medicare or Medicaid reimbursements after an investigation found the nursing home did not respond quickly enough or adequately after learning a female resident was being sexually molested by another resident, according to KOKO-TV. According to state health department documents, the victim had only been at Grace Living Center a short time before she was attacked. Staff witnessed the incident and told the charge nurse, who said to get the woman and dress her. Shortly afterward, the woman was found crying and moaning. Staff noticed she ... Read More