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High school student killed on second day on the job

High school senior Grant Oakley was excited to start his first part-time job at a farm supply business conveniently located across the street from his family’s farmhouse near Lancaster, Kentucky. But his second day on the job in 2015 ended in tragedy when he hopped a ride on a forklift driven by another employee and ended up underneath the back wheel of the forklift, his chest and neck crushed by the six-ton piece of equipment. After the accident, another employee ran to the Oakley’s home and told his parents, Mike and Pam Oakley, “Grant’s hurt.” His parents got to their ... Read More

Dartmouth psychology professors face students’ sexual misconduct claims

Three psychology professors at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, are facing charges of sexual misconduct by a group of female students who allege the men made inappropriate advances toward them, publicly groped them, and even coerced them into engaging in sexual relations, according to a lawsuit filed against the college. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office is also conducting a criminal investigation into the alleged sexual misconduct by professors Todd Heatherton, Paul Whalen and Bill Kelley. The men were put on paid leave and had their access to campus restricted by the college during the investigation. The complaint describes ... Read More

Boeing faces lawsuit following Lion Air crash

The Boeing Co., is being sued by the family of an Indonesian doctor killed aboard the Lion Air Flight 610 that crashed in October. The family alleges the aircraft manufacturer failed to warn pilots about a defect in the control system that can cause newer models of the planes to take unexpected nosedives. Rio Nanda Pratama was traveling home from a conference to marry his fiancé when the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane he was riding in crashed into the Java Sea between the Indonesian Islands, killing all 189 people on board. His father, H. Irianto, told the court that ... Read More

More neglect seen in for-profit nursing homes than nonprofit ones

Residents of for-profit nursing homes are nearly twice as likely to experience problematic health conditions due to nursing home neglect, according to a study published in the journal Gerontology. Previous studies have found that patients in for-profit homes tend to have a lower quality of care. But those studies have typically honed in on singular incidents. The new study, conducted by researchers with the Chicago School of Public Health, found that the problem in for-profit homes is even greater than previously thought. Researchers used medical records to identify 1,149 residents 60 years of age and older living in private homes, ... Read More

Tractor-Trailer Crash Kills Auburn Superfan and Granddaughter

A horrific tractor-trailer crash on U.S. 280 in central Alabama killed Auburn football superfan Tammy Renae Bullard and her 2-year-old granddaughter Friday, Nov. 16. Ms. Bullard, a fervent Auburn fan and regular caller to the Paul Finebaum show on ESPN Radio, is known to many listeners as Tammy from Clanton. According to, Ms. Bullard was traveling westbound on U.S. 280 between Sylacauga and Childersburg when a tractor-trailer traveling in the eastbound lanes veered into oncoming traffic. Alabama State Trooper Cpl. Jimmy Harrell told that the tractor-trailer was hauling some kind of explosive material, prompting authorities to evacuate all ... Read More

Ohio ruling opens doors for decades-old CTE cases

The Ohio Supreme Court allowed a CTE lawsuit brought by a now-deceased Notre Dame football player to move forward, clearing a major statute of limitations hurdle. The ruling opens the door for former football players suffering from long-term brain injuries discovered years after their playing days to overcome initial statute of limitation defenses. The case was filed in 2014 by former Notre Dame football player Steven Schmitz and his wife against Notre Dame and the NCAA. Schmitz had played for the university from 1974 to 1978 and died in 2015. The lawsuit accuses the NCAA of failing to warn players ... Read More

6-year-old undergoes emergency surgery after swallowing fidget toy

Six-year-old Mikah Arvidson didn’t want his older brother to catch him playing with his spinning fidget toy, so he popped it in his mouth. When he accidentally swallowed the toy, he didn’t think to tell anyone, not even his parents. When he started complaining of awful stomach cramps and started vomiting, his parents assumed he had a stomach bug. But inside his body, the 14 magnets that were a part of the toy became lodged in his intestines. Three days later, Mikah wasn’t getting any better. His parents, Blake and Aubrey, took him to Utah’s Primary Children’s Hospital thinking he ... Read More

Window Blinds Injure Two Children Every Day in the U.S.

Window blinds injure two children every day and kill one child each month on average in the U.S., according to an epidemiologic study published in the journal Pediatrics. From 1990 to 2015, nearly 17,000 children younger than 6 years old were treated in U.S emergency rooms for window blind-related injuries. A little less than half the injuries involved being struck by a window blind, such as being hit by a falling blind. Just 12 percent of the injuries involved entanglements, mostly with the cords on the blinds, but these injuries accounted for most of the hospitalizations and deaths, researchers found. Data ... Read More

Panda Express Worker Suffers Burn Injuries in Kitchen Explosion

A worker suffered burn injuries in a suspected gas explosion in the kitchen of a Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Panda Express restaurant Nov. 5. Hawaii Fire Department Battalion Chief John Whitman told West Hawaii Today that the injured worker was taken to Kona Community Hospital for treatment of her burn injuries. A second person was also injured in the explosion, but the nature and extent of the injuries is unclear. The injured Panda Express worker told responders that she smelled gas after a rice cooker dropped on the floor in the kitchen area of the restaurant. When she bent down to pick ... Read More

One in Five Pediatric Scald Burns Caused by Instant Soup

More than 20 percent of pediatric scald burns in the U.S. are caused by instant soup, ramen noodle soup, and similar soup products, according to a new study presented Nov. 2 at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference. Dr. Courtney Allen, a pediatric emergency fellow at Emory University who led the research, told CNN that it’s important for parents to remember that while instant soup is quick, easy and convenient, “these are just thin containers with boiling water in them.” For the study, Dr. Allen and her fellow researchers looked at 4,500 pediatric scald burns recorded over an 11-year ... Read More