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Beasley Allen has one of the largest and most technologically advanced Mass Torts practices in the country. The Mass Torts division represents numerous people in claims against companies that manufacture and/or market defective pharmaceuticals and/or medical devices. The resources devoted to this division allow the firm to competently and conscientiously handle any group of cases, no matter how large, along with particular catastrophic injury cases.

Our firm was recently involved in one of the greatest victories in Mass Torts history, against drug manufacturer Merck regarding the drug Vioxx. After more than five years of hard-fought and difficult litigation, Merck agreed to pay $4.85 billion, the largest pharmaceutical settlement in U.S. history, to resolve certain Vioxx-related claims involving plaintiffs who suffered a heart attack, including sudden cardiac death, or a stroke.

Lawsuits are on the Rise Against 3M claiming Infection Linked to Bair Hugger

Bair Hugger

Recently, the number of lawsuits against 3M and its subsidiary, Arizant, has risen regarding alleged infection linked to the Bair Hugger warming blanket. Since its introduction in 1988, the medical device has been used on millions of patients, and is used in four out of five hospitals across the U.S. The Bair Hugger is a forced-air warming device used on patients that have to be under anesthesia for two hours or longer, a frame of time that puts the patient at risk of unintentional hypothermia. The Bair Hugger is designed to maintain a safe body temperature. However, the single-use blanket is connected to a flexible ... Read More

Glass particles found in local anesthetic


A single lot of the anesthetic Sensorcaine-MPF is being recalled because glass particles were seen floating in the solution. Sensorcaine-MPH, which contains the drug ingredient bupivacaine HCl, is an injectable drug used to numb or relieve pain during surgery, dental or oral procedures, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and for obstetrical procedures. Administration of a solution containing glass particulate matter by the epidural or retrobulbar (behind the eyeball) route may result in inflammation and injury, or cause blockage of vasculature around the eye or emboli in the vasculature of the eye nerves. If the particulate goes undetected and the solution is ... Read More

Woman dies during Essure contraceptive implantation


In February, exactly one year before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started wrapping up its investigation into health risks with the permanent birth control device Essure, a doctor filed a report with the agency’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting database about a woman who died during Essure implantation. On the last day of February 2016, the FDA announced it would keep Essure on the market but proposed adding a black box warning – its strongest warning – on the device’s safety label as well as ordering Bayer Healthcare, manufacturer of the implant, to conduct long-term safety studies on women using ... Read More

Testosterone replacement is intriguing but carries serious risks

Low T

It is difficult not to be lured by advertisements for testosterone replacement therapies, promising increased sex drive, more muscle mass, and increased energy levels by curing so-called “Low T.” It is even more tempting when reputable sources, like the Mayo Clinic, publish an intriguing review promoting the hormone. But public, beware. Studies have shown that testosterone treatments may not do much to boost libido and may increase the risk of cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes But what about that Mayo Clinic article? Consider the source. The review was authored by doctors who worked for the testosterone replacement industry, ... Read More

Missouri Man Dies After IVC Filter Travels to His Heart

IVC filter

Eugene Benzing, a husband, father and grandfather to eight grandchildren, died on a hospital floor at University of Kansas Medical Center while recovering from bariatric surgery. Doctors discovered his Recovery IVC filter had broken away and entered his heart. When Benzing decided to have bariatric surgery, doctors were hesitant to perform the surgery because he had a history of pulmonary embolism. A doctor finally agreed to the surgery if he would be implanted with an IVC filter first, the Recovery model made by C.R. Bard.  A retrievable IVC filter is a spider-like device inserted into the inferior vena cava (the largest vein in ... Read More

Lawsuits Link Hip and Knee Replacement infections to Bair Hugger warming blanket

Bair Hugger

The lawsuits are piling up against 3M and its subsidiary, Arizant, for infections linked to the Bair Hugger warming blanket, at least 82 of which are hip and knee replacement patients. The Bair Hugger, a single-use forced-air warming blanket used on patients to help maintain normal body temperature during surgery, is a popular device used on more than 100 million surgical patients since its introduction in the late 1980s. The Bair Hugger blanket is intended to keep the patient warm during surgery. It is proven that when a patient is under anesthesia for any length of time, the body temperature may drop ... Read More

Cherokee Nation’s Risperdal side effects lawsuit to stay in OK state court


Johnson & Johnson and its unit Janssen Pharmaceuticals must face the Cherokee Nation in a lawsuit over Risperdal side effects in an Oklahoma state court because the federal court lacked jurisdiction, U.S. District Judge James H. Payne ruled earlier this month. The drug companies had fought to keep the lawsuit in federal court claiming that the rightful plaintiff in the case was not the Cherokee Nation, but a holding company for the tribal businesses. The Cherokee Nation originally filed the lawsuit in April 2015 in Oklahoma’s Sequoyah County Court seeking restitution for the money the tribe had spent on the ... Read More

Low-dose aspirin could be prescribed as additional cancer treatment


Women have been up in arms at the discovery that a common household product, talc-containing baby powder, could have increased their risk of developing ovarian cancer up to 33 percent. More than 1,000 lawsuits have been filed against manufacturer Johnson & Johnson alleging the company knew about the risk and failed to warn consumers. The company already been found liable in court twice for negligence, conspiracy, and failure to warn women of the potential risk of using talcum powder in the genital area. But now there is good news about a different household product. A new study by researchers from the Cardiff University’s ... Read More

Woman sues Xarelto makers after suffering ‘terrifying blood loss’


Jessica Brown, 37, was taking the blood thinner Xarelto to help prevent strokes caused by her irregular heart rhythm abnormality known as atrial fibrillation, when she said she began suffering terrifying blood loss during her menstrual cycle. She became so weak that she couldn’t walk. She was rushed to the emergency department where she was promptly treated with a two-pint blood transfusion. “I could have bled to death,” Brown says. “Thank God it was just my period and it wasn’t a head injury or something.” Xarelto is a newer blood thinner that hit the market in 2011 as a more ... Read More

Missouri Woman Suing C.R. Bard for IVC Filter She Claims Killed Her Husband

IVC filter

A Missouri woman has filed a lawsuit against C.R. Bard, the maker of several different types of retrievable IVC filters, claiming the device killed her husband. Retrievable IVC (inferior vena cava) filters are cage-like devices that are implanted into the largest vein in the body – the inferior vena cava – and are intended to catch blood clots before they enter the heart and/or lungs. This method is intended to prevent pulmonary embolism from occurring, and is often used in patients that cannot tolerate blood thinning medication. But as patients are sustaining injuries linked to flaws in the design of the ... Read More