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Ford among defendants in new Explorer rollover case

The safety problems that plagued the Ford Explorer and Bridgestone/Firestone tires earlier in the decade have resurfaced in court, according to the Southeast Texas Record. Relatives of a man killed in a Ford Explorer accident in November 2005 are suing both Ford Motor Company and Bridgestone/Firestone as well as the driver of the Explorer, Ana Herrera. Ricardo Garcia died of injuries he sustained when the 1998 Explorer he was a passenger in rolled over multiple times. The driver, Ana Herrera, lost control of the vehicle on an Arkansas road. Herrera’s Explorer rolled several times when she attempted to return the ... Read More

FDA recalls melamine-tainted chocolate

Melamine, the nitrogen-rich substance that found its way into pet food and treats and, more recently, infant formula and other milk products in China, continues to make appearances in unexpected places. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a recall of teddy bears sold at Walgreens stores. The 9-inch high Christmas toy bears are sold as “Dressy Teddy Bears” and come with 4-ounce chocolate bars that are believed to contain melamine. Walgreens has instructed all of its stores to stop selling the teddy bears. Customers who have already purchased one of the bears, which have been sold in Walgreens since ... Read More

Escalators and Crocs: a dangerous pairing

On July 15, three-year-old Caprice Robinson and her mother, Diaarra Griffin, were making their daily hour-long commute in Atlanta. Caprice grabbed her mother’s hand and the two stepped onto the escalator at the Kensington MARTA station – just another small part of the daily routine they had done so many times before. This time, however, Caprice began to scream in pain within second of stepping onto the escalator. The shoe on her right foot, an imitation of the Crocs shoes so many children wear, had become caught between the moving stairs and the side of the escalator and it was ... Read More

Recalled insulin syringes may be mislabeled

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert for healthcare professionals and patients that a lot of ReliOn insulin syringes sold at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club’s may be dangerously mislabeled. The manufacturer of the syringes, Tyco Healthcare Group LP, has voluntarily recalled the needles. Diabetes patients who use the recalled syringes may inadvertently receive an overdose of up to 2.5 times the intended dose. Possible complications could include hypoglycemia and other serious side effects and death. The warning is especially urgent for parents or others caring for children with diabetes. The product consists of sterile, single-use, disposable, hypodermic ... Read More

IKEA pays large civil penalty to CPSC

IKEA North America Services, LLC of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, has agreed to pay a $500,000 civil penalty for its failure to follow procedures issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC announced that Swedish retail giant inadvertently sold some potentially dangerous outdoor candles and failed to immediately report incidents connected to use of the defective candles. The CPSC says that the hazardous candles can flare up unexpectedly when consumers attempt to blow the fames out, potentially causing burn injuries. The candles are also a fire hazard because they are capable of flaring when lit according to the ... Read More

Low auto roof standards are often deadly in rollovers

The American standard for automobile roof strength, which has been in effect since the 1970s, has been “a total, ineffective disaster,” according to automobile expert Byron Bloch in an investigative report by WBNS TV of Columbus, Ohio. Bloch, whose knowledge of automobile roofs has played a role in court testimonials throughout the country, is not alone in his opinion. The report uncovered other automotive industry professionals who echoed similar thoughts. Why the chorus of disapproval? First is the number of fatalities. According to data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 273,000 rollover crashes occur every year, killing ... Read More

FL woman suffers head injuries in ATV wreck

A 38-year-Florida old woman suffered severe injuries, including a skull fracture and broken hand, when the Yamaha Rhino Utility Terrain Vehicle she was riding in rolled over. Rachel A. Jollimore was a passenger in the vehicle when the driver swerved to avoid hitting a tree, causing the Rhino to roll over on its side. Jollimore was pinned underneath the UTV, the website reported. Jollimore and the driver were riding the UTV through a field in Silver Springs when the accident occurred. Jollimore says that she has been considerably impaired since the July 2007 accident. “I have to watch what ... Read More

Florida woman injured in Rhino wreck sues

A 38-year-Florida old woman who suffered severe injuries when the Yamaha Rhino Utility Terrain Vehicle she was riding in rolled over is now suing Yamaha Motor Corporation. Rachel A. Jollimore was in the passenger seat of the vehicle when the driver swerved to avoid hitting a tree, causing the Rhino to roll onto its side. Jollimore was pinned underneath the UTV. She sustained a fractured skull and broken hand in the accident, which occurred in a field in Silver Springs, Florida. Jollimore told that she has been considerably impaired since the July 2007 accident. “I have to watch what ... Read More

Two CT children fall victim to window blind cords

Two Connecticut children became the unwitting victims of the pull cords on window blinds and shades, which injured one young girl and killed another. Different manufacturers produced the blinds and shades involved in the incidents. The Wall Street Journal reports that in one incident, a two-year-old girl from Bristol was nearly strangled in June when she slipped off the radiator on which she was standing with the cords of a roller shade around her neck. The girl’s five-year old brother held her up as she gasped for air. The girl vomited and suffered deep bruising on her neck, but has ... Read More

Rhino rollover accident kills Victorville man

In Victorville, Calif., a 56-year-old man died when his 2008 Yamaha Rhino ran off the road. Mikhail Ayrapetyan begin riding his vehicle Oct. 18 around 4 p.m., according to the Daily Press. The newspaper reports family and friends began searching for Ayrapetyan when he did not return to their base camp. Friends and family located his body in Adelanto after they searched the area for 45 minutes. Arapetyan was thrown out of his ATV after driving on a rough trail. His body became intertwined with the left front side of the ATV and was then dragged across the trail. Arapetyan ... Read More