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Takata Airbag Recall Expanded By 3.3 Million U.S. Vehicles

Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata is adding 3.3 million airbag inflators to its already mammoth recall over concerns the devices are prone to explode and blast metal fragments at vehicle occupants. Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not specify what vehicles are affected by the latest Takata airbag recall, owners can see if their vehicle is subject to the recall by entering the 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN) into the NHTSA’s recall portal. According to Consumer Reports, this latest Takata airbag recall actually encompasses three separate recalls affecting vehicles made in a specific model year by particular automakers and ... Read More

Honda Confirms 20th Takata Airbag Death

Honda has confirmed that a Takata airbag in a 2004 Honda Civic exploded and killed a person in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, making it the 20th death worldwide linked to defective Takata airbag inflators. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) officials examined the Honda Civic on Tuesday, Dec. 19 and confirmed that the drivers-side Takata airbag blew apart and caused the person’s death. Neither Honda nor NHTSA released much specific information about the latest deadly Takata airbag explosion. The details they did provide are that the crash occurred on July 10, 2017 and that the airbag at fault had been salvaged ... Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery Signals Overheat Warning On United 787 Dreamliner Flight

The crew of a United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight approaching Paris last month received an overheat warning stemming from the aircraft’s lithium-ion battery. Boeing confirmed the incident on Dec. 1 but said that it was not a repeat of the problems its 787 Dreamliners have experienced in the past with their powerful lithium-ion batteries, which prompted a worldwide grounding of the planes in January 2013 and triggered a federal safety investigation. The Aviation Herald first reported the problem on Nov. 30, saying that it occurred Nov. 13 aboard a United Airlines flight 915 from Washington D.C.’s Dulles Airport to ... Read More

U.S. Airlines Are Barring Smart Bags With Lithium Batteries

Major U.S. airlines say they will stop accepting “smart bags” powered by lithium batteries next year unless the batteries can be removed. The impending ban, which is expected to reduce the risk of fire in the cargo hold, will go into effect on all American Airlines flights starting Jan. 15, with additional U.S. carriers following suit. A number of luggage manufacturers have introduced bags equipped with lithium battery-powered features that many travelers will find convenient. According to the Chicago Tribune, one bag made by Away can charge a drained iPhone five times, while one made by G-RO features charging capabilities ... Read More

Charging Hoverboard Sets Fire To Missouri Apartment

A charging hoverboard with a lithium battery overheated and started a fire inside a second-floor apartment in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, early Tuesday morning. The Cape Girardeau Fire Department said crews responded to a report of a fire at a three-story apartment complex just before 5:00 Tuesday morning. Firefighters arriving at the scene saw no evidence of fire from the exterior of the building, but upon entry found a small fire, moderate, heat and a buildup of smoke in a bedroom of a second-floor unit. “… The fire grew significantly, but lacked enough oxygen to reach flashover, and decayed on its ... Read More

CDC Warns Raw Milk Consumers of Rare Bacterial Infection

People who consumed raw milk and raw milk products made by the Udder Milk cooperative should see their doctor because they are at risk of a rare but serious Brucella abortus RB51 infection, federal officials warn. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued the warning this week for the second time in three months. The agency says that Udder Milk has not provided information about the farms that supply the co-op’s raw milk, making it impossible thus far to trace the source of a recent Brucella RB51 infection. In that case, a New Jersey woman became ill ... Read More

Nutribullet Explosion Allegedly Burns Latina Superstar’s Mother

The mother of the legendary singer Jenni Rivera is suing the manufacturer of the Nutribullet blender, alleging her blender exploded while she was making chili and left her with severe, disfiguring burns. According to CBS News Los Angeles, Rosa Rivera and her attorney held a press conference Tuesday that offered some details of the alleged Nutribullet explosion. According to Ms. Rivera’s lawyer, infomercials touting the Nutribullet fail to warn consumers about the appliance’s hidden dangers, which include a build-up of pressure inside the canister that can cause it to explode. Ms. Rivera, who lives in Los Angeles, claims that her ... Read More

Self-driving Shuttle Grazed by Tractor-Trailer in Las Vegas

A self-driving shuttle was involved in a minor traffic collision with a tractor-trailer less than an hour after its launch on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. None of the passengers aboard the 12-seater driverless Navya Arma shuttle were injured in the incident, which was caused by a tractor-trailer that backed into and lightly grazed the shuttle. Note: Fox News and others incorrectly report the shuttle manufacturer as Navaya. Critics of self-driving cars noted that the self-driving shuttle failed to avoid the collision, citing one passenger who told KSNV News3LV Las Vegas that the shuttle “just stayed there” as the tractor-trailer ... Read More

Takata Airbag Class Settlements Get Final Approval

A $741-million settlement resolving consumer class actions against BMW, Mazda, Subaru, and Toyota for dangerously defective Takata airbag the automakers used in their vehicles has been granted final approval. U.S. District Court Judge Federico A. Moreno in Florida approved the settlements on Nov. 1. The four automakers are the first to exit sweeping multidistrict litigation (MDL) over consumer economic-loss claims stemming from Takata airbags, which prompted the largest auto safety recall in U.S. history. The settlements were initially announced in May, with Toyota agreeing to pay $278.5 million. BMW of North America agreed to pay $131 million to resolve the ... Read More

Study finds many baby foods contain arsenic

Many brands of baby formula and baby food sold in the U.S. are contaminated with arsenic, lead and other dangerous chemicals that can affect fine motor skills and cognition in developing infants according to a study conducted by the nonprofit advocacy group Clear Label Project. The organization tested about 530 different baby foods, infant formulas, toddler drinks and snacks focusing on top-selling and emerging brands using Nielsen data, and found that 65 percent of products tested positive for arsenic, 36 percent for lead, 58 percent for cadmium and 10 percent for acrylamide – chemicals that pose risks to young children, ... Read More