Product Liability

Family 4th marred by rollover

I recently came across a blog post from a family in Utah. All set to enjoy a long weekend at a mountain cabin, their plans came to an abrupt halt when a Yamaha Rhino rollover accident resulted in a trip to the emergency room. It actually could have been worse. An uncle loaded a few of his nieces and their friends onto the Rhino and thrilled the girls by doing “doughnuts.” However, the Rhino rolled over, throwing the girls and pinning the uncle underneath.

Fortunately, the girls were not hurt, but Uncle D ended up with a compound fracture in his arm and shoulder, with bones breaking the skin and a lot of blood loss. A family friend, the father of one of the girls thrown clear in the accident, is an EMT, and was able to free Uncle D from under the Rhino, where he had been pinned, and stabilize him until he could be transported to the emergency room. He underwent surgery, where he had rods and pins inserted to hold the bones, and a week’s stay in the hospital.

What should have been a weekend full of family fun, barbecue and camping turned into a near tragedy and serious injury. Too many people are still unaware of the dangers of ATVs, and, in particular, the Yamaha Rhino, which is believed to have a design defect that makes it more liable than most to roll over, even on flat ground.