APP ok to make heparin in Puerto Rico

This week APP Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Schaumberg, Ill., announced it has gotten FDA approval to manufacture heparin at its Barceloneta, Puerto Rico, facility. The facility will manufacture three product codes of heparin sodium injection, USP.

According to a report in the Pharmaceutical Business Review, APP currently manufactures nine products at its Puerto Rico facility, including doxycycline, azithromycin and diphenhydramine. The report says the company plans to manufacture more than 19 million units in Puerto Rico during 2008 and to eventually transfer more than 25 additional product codes to the facility.

The recall of contaminated heparin manufactured in China has affected the availability of the product, which is a blood thinner used in surgical procedures.

Baxter International, Inc., recalled all remaining lots and doses of its sodium injection multi-dose, single-dose vials and HEP-LOCK heparin flush products, both preserved and preservative-free, in February, and suspended production of the products. Prior to the recall, Baxter manufactured about half the multidose vials used each month by health care providers.

APP expects the transfer of its additional product codes to the Puerto Rico facility will translate to approximately 50 million units annually. APP currently has manufacturing facilities in Illinois and New York.

Pharmaceutical Business Review quotes Tom Silberg, CEO of APP Pharmaceuticals, as saying, “Bringing this third manufacturing site on-line is an important part of our commitment to ensuring that an uninterrupted and safe supply of heparin of the highest quality is available for US patients.”

Founded in 1996, APP Pharmaceuticals is a leading manufacturer of multi-source and branded injectable pharmaceutical products for acute medical care both in patient and ambulatory settings.