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New MK fund managers tight-lipped

On Aug. 18, we reported that Regions Morgan Keegan had shifted management of its seven failed investment funds to Hyperion Brookfield Asset Management company. This week, a report in the Memphis Commercial Appeal said the new managers have begun reworking the funds, but in a conference call with investors would not make any guarantees about results.

Hyperion is working to reposition and revamp the funds, which faltered badly as a result of ties to subprime mortgage lending. It is estimated that investors, who were promised low-risk funds but were instead placed into high-risk securities, suffered losses up to 90 percent of the value of their funds when the mortgage lending crisis caused value of the funds to plummet.

According to the Commercial Appeal, the new fund managers are beginning by evaluating each portfolio individually, and trying to determine whether there is any chance the fund in question could rebound. Hyperion will then work to secure better investments for the funds, hoping to see an improvement when the overall economy improves.

Hyperion fund managers have cut dividends for all seven funds, while purchasing promising high-yield corporate bonds, with a goal of improving the long-term financial picture by developing capital growth, according to the Commercial Appeal.