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U.S. Senate looking into bus safety bill

The United States Senate is looking into establishing a sweeping bus safety bill due to the amount of Americans who die each year on buses according to the Washington Post. Buses are no longer considered safe because if a bus rolls over, the outcome is usually injury or death of passengers. If a bus is broad-sided, the frame of the bus will twist, resulting in the bus’s windows popping or the passengers being thrown out of the bus.

The bus safety legislation would direct the U.S. Department of Transportation to add safety precautions to motor coaches, including installing seat belts on every seat, improving glazing on windows to prevent passenger discharge, improving seat configurations to prevent the passengers from colliding with other passengers as well as debris.

To protect passengers in bus rollovers, the buses would contain electronic stability controls, which would strengthen roofs as well as crush-resistant standards. The bill would also call for improvements in screening bus drivers and bus companies.

The Senate’s Sept. 18 hearing on bus safety addressed all these issues and the bill now is being reviewed by senators, government officials, and safety experts.

Hopefully, something will finally be done about the horrors of bus injuries and deaths.