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Body of former nursing home patient found in brother’s trunk

When Penny Brown’s brother, Timothy Allen Brown, discharged the 31-year-old wheelchair-bound woman from her Kentucky nursing home, Georgetown Healthcare Center, in 2006, he told the nursing home staff that he would take good care of his dependent sister.

It was the last time anyone saw her alive.

Last week, police investigators discovered Penny’s severely decomposed remains, wrapped in blankets and industrial plastic, in the truck of Timothy’s car. The coroner suspects she had been dead for two years, according to the Associated Press.

Police in Georgetown believe that Timothy moved Penny into his apartment with his 8-year-old son. Last month, police visited Timothy’s home as part of a child welfare case. The boy was later removed from the home after social service workers discovered deplorable living conditions, such as human feces on the floor.

During the investigation, the boy told police he was never allowed in his aunt’s bedroom. Police went to Timothy’s home but Timothy had gone missing and Penny was nowhere to be found. After being contacted by police, another relative filed a missing person report. Shortly after, Timothy’s car was found with Penny’s mummified body in the trunk.

Police believe Penny died shortly after leaving the nursing home and that Timothy may have stored her body in his apartment for two years, cashing her monthly social security disability checks. According to the story, Penny’s body was “wrapped in quilts and then the quilts were wrapped in construction-grade plastic to make it more of an air-tight package, and then placed in the back of his car, in the trunk,” said county coroner John Goble.

The state medical examiner says determining a cause of death will be difficult if not impossible, given her decomposed state.

Timothy is still at large. He is described as a 6-foot tall, 230-to-250-pound white male with blue eyes and blond hair. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Timothy should call Georgetown police at (502) 863-7826.