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Family demands investigation after closet falls on resident

No one expected Sister Mary Murray to die the way she did.

While in her room at the Summit Park Nursing Home in Rockland County, New York, the 90-year-old nun was crushed and eventually died after the closet in her room toppled over onto her. Her family accepted the nursing home’s explanation. It was just a freak accident.

Then came the ABC 7 Eyewitness News investigation that revealed that two other residents in the home were injured by falling closets.

“I became very angry, especially when I knew it could have been prevented,” her nephew Daniel Murray said in a follow up story by ABC7. “All of this could have been prevented. My aunt could have been with us today.” Murray’s family is now demanding the nursing home investigate the situation and explain why, after the two other falling closet incidents, the nursing home didn’t bolt the other closets to the wall.

Daniel Murray now believes that the nursing home tried to cover up its negligence by not telling the Murray family about the other falling closets and not reporting either incident to the state Department of Health.

A nursing home spokesperson refused to comment. Summit Park was found by the state Department of Heath to be in “immediate jeopardy to resident health and safety.” However, there has been no disciplinary action against Summit Park or its employees. The case is now in the hands of the Attorney General, according to ABC7.