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Timberlake employee among growing number of FLSA abuses

Working for Justin Timberlake’s posh “Southern Hospitality” does not exempt you from unfair treatment and pay. According to an article from Fox News, the former Southern Hospitality bus boy, Felipe Ramales, filed a lawsuit against Timberlake’s restaurant for not compensating him for the overtime he accumulated while there. “Southern Hospitality” is not the first to be sued over overtime hours, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Ramales is one of many who are suing companies over unfair compensation of the amount overtime worked. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires overtime to be paid to employees who work over the amount of hours prescribed in a week, which is usually 40 hours. Once an employee works more than his or her prescribed hours in a week, they should be compensated at time and one-half.

The FLSA was designed to help and protect employees from exploitation from their employers. However, employees are still being exploited by companies finding ways to get around paying overtime. Everybody is being hit hard by the failing economy, from big business to small businesses, but there is no excuse for companies to not compensate work that is earned.

One of the ways companies are getting around the rules of the FLSA is by giving employees the title of “manager.” The employees promoted to the title of “manager” are performing the same duties as hourly-paid workers and putting in the same amount of hours, yet on salary. At the end of the day, the salary that these “managers” are making is less than what they would be making at an hourly wage with time and a half overtime.

Beasley Allen has seen numerous cases in retail stores dealing with misclassifying of the “management” positions. But that is not the only industry that employes this tactic. Others include auto repair stores, service industry jobs, convenient stores and restaurant chains.

If you have been promoted to a “management” position and feel that you are still doing the same job and hours as just an employee, you might be an employee that has been wronged by your company. Research and get more detailed information at You have rights and the privilege to get the pay you deserve.