Actavis comments on lawsuit

The Department of Justice, on behalf of the FDA, has filed a compliant against Actavis and is asking for a permanent injunction against its subsidiary.

Actavis claims that it has been dedicated to ensuring the value and integrity of its manufacturing since May 2008, which is after the FDA inspected Actavis because the company manufactured Digitek pills that were twice as thick as they ought to have been.

According to Market Watch, “The company views the filing of this complaint as one step in a long regulatory process, and is fully committed to working collaboratively and openly with the FDA in a timely manner.”

John LaRocca, Actavis Inc.’s Chief Legal Officer, says in response to the claim, “We have taken a comprehensive approach to correcting all deficiencies within the Totowa business, and we’ve communicated regularly and candidly with the FDA, the public, our employees and our customers. Last month, we asked FDA to return to the Totowa facilities, conduct an inspection, and observe the substantial progress we have made. To this point, the FDA has not acted. Our company takes these matters very seriously, and we remain focused on quality, innovation, and product safety. We look forward to a quick and satisfactory resolution to these issues for the benefit of consumers, the agency, and ourselves.”