Company offers discount on eye products to SJS/TEN survivors

Painful blisters or lesions make Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and its more serious form Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN), debilitating for those who have suffered and survived the disorder. Lesions occurring on the membranes lining the eyes, mouth and other organs, can cause problems years after recovery.

The eyes are especially vulnerable. Typical ocular problems associated with SJS and TEN can include conjunctivitis, scarring of the conjunctiva, inflammation inside the eye (iritis), corneal blisters and perforation, which can potentially lead to permanent vision loss. Therapy for ocular problems often includes ocular lubrication with artificial tears and ointments. Plus, individuals must be on constant watch for various ocular infections. Corneal transplants, limbal stem cell transplantations or artificial corneal procedures maybe considered if there is lasting damage.

One company is helping ease the sting of recovery for people who have had SJS and TEN and stuffer from lingering eye problems. Eyeeco, a distributor of eye hydration products, offers 15 percent discounts on its products to those who have had SJS or TEN. All users need to do is type “SJS” in the promotional code field and their discount will show up at checkout. Eyeeco’s Tranquileyes eye hydrating therapy, which includes drops and goggles, is specially designed to naturally hydrate dry, tired eyes, reduce eye puffiness and create complete darkness to enhance relaxation and sleep. Chronic Dry Eye Kits cost between $49 and $59.