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recalled cribs contain lead paint finish

Children’s furniture manufacturer Munire of Piscataway, N.J., has recalled 3,000 cribs and 6,000 pieces of matching furniture. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that a child fell ill after ingesting some of the paint off a piece of Munire furniture. The child was diagnosed with lead poisoning, prompting investigators to examine the child’s crib. Paint samples taken from the child’s furniture showed that the finish violates federal lead paint standard.

The red paint underneath the black finish on all Munire’s “Newport rubbed black” series of cribs and matching furniture was found to contain toxic levels of lead. The recalled items in the Newport furniture series were sold at furniture stores nationwide from April 2006 through November 2008. The cribs retailed for approximately $600. Matching pieces retailed for $700 to $1000, with other accessories costing around $170.

Anyone who owns one of the recalled cribs and / or matching pieces of furniture should stop using them and contact the manufacturer for coupons that will allow them to replace the recalled items. Munire can be reached by calling toll-free 866-596-9639 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Customer service can be reached online by going to

The model number and country of manufacture (all of Munire’s furniture is made in Indonesia) are printed on the label that is attached to the side panel of the crib. The manufacturing date is printed on the back panel of the furniture.

Lead is often added to paint to decrease drying time, increase durability and resistance to moisture, and to give the paint a fresh appearance. Household paint typically contained up to 50% lead before 1955. The federal government lowered the permissible amount of lead in most paints to 1% in 1971 and again to 0.06% in 1977. Exposure to lead can result in neurological and cardiovascular damage and death.

A complete list of recalled models is available at