Pharmacy tech steals bagfuls of heparin and other drugs

Pharmacy technician Wanda Lopez told guards she had left her wallet in the pharmacy at Shaughnessy-Kaplan Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem, Mass. Guards led her back to the pharmacy, where she used her key code to re-enter the room with the guards. She searched for her wallet and as her search became fruitless, guards left her alone. Shortly afterward, the guards saw Lopez walking around the hospital with a plastic bag covered by her coat. It was the third trip the pharmacy technician made to her car with bags taken from the hospital, according to a hospital employee. That’s when security guards became suspicious, according to The Salem News.

The security guards called police, who searched her vehicle and discovered three bags containing dozens of medications, including painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-seizure drugs, nicotine patches, and the blood thinner heparin.

Lopez, who had been led back to the hospital while they waited for police to arrived, had locked herself in the bathroom. When police were finally able to enter the bathroom, Lopez was visibly nervous with “pinpoint pupils,” according to the story. Police had no explanation for what Lopez intended to do with the array of medications.

According to the report, Lopez was charged with receiving stolen property worth more than $250 and with possessing controlled substances. She pleaded not guilty and was released on $500 bond. Depending on the outcome of an investigation, Lopez could face disciplinary action such has suspension or license revocation.