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Nursing aide arrested for burning disabled man

Staff at the Fort Worth, Texas group nursing home run by Medical Case Management couldn’t tell Archie and Helene Kennon why their 27-year-old son Asher had burns down his neck and arm. And neither could Asher. The young man hadn’t spoken since he was a child. Searching for answers, the Kennon family called the police, according to CBS 11 TV.

The police launched an investigation at the home, interviewing everyone there who had contact with Asher. It was only then that the staff director admitted to wrong doing – she had burned him with hot water. That admission led to the arrest of Seijdra Eribo on suspicion of felony injury of a disabled person causing severe bodily injury, according to the report.

A spokesperson with Medical Case Management said the company performed a routine criminal background check on Eribo before she was hired in 2007. She began work at the home as a nursing aide. The company fired Eribo for not fully cooperating with the investigation.

The home has not received any disciplinary action by state regulators in the past, and doesn’t plan to make any changes in the future as the home, he said, followed followed state regulations. “It bothers us. It really bothers me if she did it,” said Robert Taylor, program director for Medical Case Management.

Asher’s family still cries when they think about the burns their son sustained while at the nursing home. “That house should not be open for business,” said Asher’s sister Katrina, to CBS11 TV.