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Police look for woman accused of neglect, exploiting elderly man

Helen Lloyd of Delaware said she would take care of the 68-year-old, disabled man. So his family agreed to have him moved from Hillside Center nursing home where Lloyd was employed and into Lloyd’s home. As his caregiver, Lloyd received the man’s monthly Social Security checks. She agreed to use the money to pay for the man’s care and his share of the rent. But authorities later discovered Lloyd was horribly neglecting the man and taking his money for her own personal use, according to Delaware Online/The News Journal.

Lloyd was indicted earlier this week on eight charges, seven of which are felonies, by a New Castle County grand jury for financially exploiting and physically neglecting the man, who had suffered from strokes, partial paralysis and seizure disorder. He has since died from unrelated causes.

According to the report, police were asked to go to the home in September of 2007, after someone had reported a man was unattended in Lloyd’s home. The man was found unattended on the second floor of the home. The home had no electricity, was unkempt and was littered with dog feces. Adult Protective Services was called but did not remove the man from Lloyd’s care.

Seven months later the man was admitted to Christiana Hospital with four bedsores. He was later released back into Lloyd’s care, but at a different address. Six weeks later, a caseworker from Protective Services went to check on the man and found him alone in the dining room. He was lying on a hospital bed with no sheets and surrounded by debris and food on the floor around him. He was admitted back to the hospital and treated for bedsores. This time, Protective Services removed the man from Lloyd’s care.

An investigation also determined that Lloyd was still taking the man’s Social Security checks even after the man was taken from her care.

Police are now looking for Lloyd. Anyone with information of her whereabouts should contact Newark Police Detective Andrew Rubin at or call Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP 3333.