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Helios bond funds set for liquidation

Three former Regions Morgan Keegan bond funds that were renamed under the Helios brand when Hyperion Brookfield Asset Management acquired them are now set for liquidation, pending stockholder approval. The troubled funds were acquired after suffering significant and sudden losses during the subprime mortgage crisis.

Regions Morgan Keegan is defending hundreds of arbitration lawsuits regarding the funds, which were backed by risky mortgage-related assets. Investors allege the funds were represented as low-risk securities, but when the mortgage crisis hit beginning in the middle of 2007, the funds suffered staggering and sudden losses. Some funds dropped between 62 and 82 percent almost overnight.

After Hyperion aquired the RMK funds, several of them were rebranded under the Helios name. Funds set for liquidation are Helios Select High Income (HIFAX), Helios Select Intermediate Bond (HSIBX) and Helios Select Short Term Bond (MSBIX).

Source: Morningstar Fund Times