Personal Injury

Woman disappointed in judge’s treatment of abusive nursing aide

The punishment didn’t fit the crime in the eyes of the victim’s stepdaughter. She expressed her disappointment with the judge’s decision during a lengthy address at a court hearing. But the decision stood.

In January 2008, two employees at Radius Health Care Center in Quincy, Maine, saw their co-worker Elizabeth Landry, a 25-year-old nursing assistant, slapping a man on the head with an open hand, swearing at him and calling him and obscene name. She also reportedly pulled the man out of his wheelchair and threw him into a bed. The man was a stroke victim and used a wheelchair for mobility.

Landry said the man had struck her in the face with a menu, but the incident was enough to get her fired from Radius Health Care Center. The nursing home, as it is required, reported the incident to Maine’s Executive Office of Elder Affairs. A social worker informed the man’s stepdaughter of the alleged assault two days after it occurred.

Landry was charged with assault and battery on a disabled person over 60. She entered a plea agreement in the Plymouth District Court. Based on her previous military service and lack of criminal record, the judge gave what the man’s stepdaughter considered a lenient sentence. Landry was ordered to complete an anger-management course and to stay away from the man she abused. The case will be dismissed in one year if Landry manages to stay out of trouble.

Source: Patriot Ledger