Mother says FDA’s Reglan warning is long overdue

tablet Mother says FDAs Reglan warning is long overdueThe FDA’s “black box warning” on the acid reflux drug Reglan is long overdue, according to Jennifer Rackley. Both her daughters as infants were on the medication. Her first had severe GERD and was categorized by doctors as “failure to thrive.” Her pediatrician prescribed Reglan, a brand name of metaclopramide. “At the time we were not aware of the side effects nor did we have any major qualms about using the medication,” Jennifer said. “Boy was that about to change!”

The FDA recently issued a boxed warning for Reglan after recent studies revealed that people on the medication can develop a serious Parkinsons-like condition called Tardive Dyskinesia.

Jennifer’s daughter only had three doses of the medication before Jennifer took her off the drug. She was never diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia, however the medication did cause her to become irritable and she started “flailing her arms, twitching with stiff movements and screaming uncontrollably,” Jennifer said. “As soon as we discontinued Reglan she went back to her normal behaviors.”

While Jennifer vowed to never use the drug again, she caved with her second daughter after her severe reflux nearly caused her to aspirate. The younger daughter didn’t have the same reaction to Reglan and the little girl stayed on the medication for more than a year. She did suffer developmental delays, which Jennifer’s pediatrician says was likely caused by the prolonged use of Reglan.

“I would NEVER presume to tell anyone whether to use Reglan or not,” Jennifer said. “What I will tell you is that this is not a medication that should be taken without doing research.”

Source: Health Central