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FDA issues recall of face paints due to adverse reactions

face paint 100x100 FDA issues recall of face paints due to adverse reactionsThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recall on Fun Express, Inc. brand water-based face paints due to adverse event reports of skin reactions in children exposed to various colors of the face paint. The “Face Paint” was labeled and distributed by Oriental Trading Co., and all exposures happened at the same day and at the same organized event. Adverse events reports included rashes, itchiness, burning sensation and swelling where the face paints were applied. Significant microbial contamination was indicated in most of the products tested by an FDA laboratory.

The paints are designed to be used on the face or body area using fingertips or brushes to make a desired design. The recall includes blue, purple, red, orange, black and green face paints. The FDA advises consumers to stop the use of these products and discard them or return them to the retailer.

Individuals with questions or who have experienced any adverse reaction from face paints should contact the FDA as well as state and local health authorities. To contact the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting system go online at or call 800-FDA-1088.

Source: FDA