Woman files suit against Reglan for causing serious movement disorder

tablet Woman files suit against Reglan for causing serious movement disorderKecia Neal of Arkansas was prescribed Reglan in 2005 to help her overcome a medical condition that involved the paralysis of stomach muscles. What she didn’t expect is for the medication to make her even sicker.

Last month, Neal filed suit against Teva Pharmaceutical, Schwarz Pharma and Wyeth Inc., makers of Reglan and its equivalent metoclopramide, after she began experiencing involuntary and repetitive movements of her body and face known as tardive dyskinesia. The condition is debilitating, and often continues even after the medication has been discontinued.

In February 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered Reglan’s manufacturers to provide an additional boxed warning that “chronic treatment with metoclopramide can cause tardive dyskinesia, a serious movement that is often irreversible.” The new warnings state that “prolonged treatment (greater than 12 weeks) with metoclopramide should be avoided in all but rare cases,” however those warnings came far too late for Neal.

According to the lawsuit, patients who take Reglan for more than 12 weeks are at a 100 times greater risk for developing the disorder and other side effects.

Neal, who was on Reglan for more than a year, says she did not have access to the warnings about taking Reglan long-term. As a result, she is suffering from permanent and debilitating injuries. The lawsuit seeks damage for past and future medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical disfigurement, physical impairment, disability, psychological injury, loss of ability to provide household services, loss of earnings, and loss of earning capacity.

The case is expected to become part of a multi-district litigation.

Source: Southeast Texas Record