Product Liability

CPSC announces recall of defective steam mops

Thane International’s top selling H20 Mop Steam Cleaners are being recalled over a wiring problem that could cause electrical shocks and burns. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Thane announced the voluntary recall of 580,000 mops yesterday, advising customers to avoid using the mops until they have been repaired.

According to a CPSC announcement, the power cord on the steam mops can wear away unexpectedly, exposing the wiring and creating the risk of electrical shocks and burns. Normal use of the mops can result in excessive twisting and pulling of the power cord where it enters the body of the mop.

According to the CPSC, the H2O Mop is an electrically powered appliance designed for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces. The mops use microfiber or disposable cloths on a cleaning head through which steam is dispersed. H2O Mops are white with a purple water tank. The “H20” and “M” symbol are printed on the top of the cleaning head. The model numbers of affected units are 808.092 and OEM-TV-001.

The recall includes only those H2O Mops with the following reference numbers printed on a label attached to the back of the product: 200709198 to 200803148 or H20M1000 to M-H20M1198.

The mops were manufactured in China and sold directly to consumers through television infomercials and QVC, on the company’s website, and in retail stores across the country from June 2007 through December 2008. The mops retailed for about $100.

Consumers should stop using the H20 mops and contact Thane any time at (800) 485-0017 or by going to the company website. The company will send a repair kit free of charge.