Mother says Yaz nearly killed her daughter

A Pittsburgh woman has joined a lawsuit against Bayer, claiming that her teenage daughter was injured and nearly died as a result of taking Yaz. Dana Kraus, the plaintiff, told Pittsburgh’s WTAE that her 15-year-old daughter Katie had been taking the birth control drug for 6 months before she started experiencing severe side effects, which began with the sensation of suffocating.

“She was short of breath. She was having severe chest pains and her face was changing colors,” Kraus told WTAE.

“She ended up going into cardiac arrest three times. One time it took 10 minutes to revive her. They eventually had to do emergency surgeries because they noticed there were two huge blood clots, one in each pulmonary artery,” Kraus said.

Kraus said that because of Yaz, her daughter now faces possibly lifelong struggles with pancreatitis, liver function problems, and acute kidney failure. Kraus and the other plaintiffs have requested a jury trial, more than $150,000 in compensation, attorney fees, court costs, and punitive damages.

Bayer Corporation, which is headquartered in Pittsburgh, defended itself from the allegations in a statement to WTAE.

“The complaints we have reviewed so far pertain to side effects that are warned about in the labeling of all contraceptives. Bayer will defend itself vigorously against these lawsuits,” a company spokesman said.

The lawsuit, however, alleges that Bayer grossly downplayed the risks of Yaz in its advertising campaigns and that the number of adverse events caused by Yaz is at least 10 times more than the number reported incidents, possibly 100 times more.

“I just don’t want anybody else to see their child go through anything like this ever again,” Kraus told WTAE.