Texas releases statement updating McCoy shoulder injury

A statement released by Texas Longhorns trainer Kenny Boyd over the weekend clarifies quarterback Colt McCoy’s injury, which occurred Thursday, Jan. 7, during the BCS National Championship Game. According to the statement, McCoy wanted to get back in the game after being tackled by Alabama’s Marcell Dareus, but “we couldn’t clear him to do that,” Boyd says. McCoy suffered a pinched nerve in his shoulder, which didn’t cause pain but did make him lose feeling in his arm. Three attempts to complete a 7-yard pass to his father in the Texas locker room were all unsuccessful, which proved he could not return to the game.

Shoulder injuries are serious and can be career-ending. McCoy’s injury roused speculation from fans and sports media about McCoy’s future with the NFL, which prompted Texas to release the statement to set the record straight and quiet any concerns that McCoy’s injury would sideline his football career.

According to the statement: “Colt sustained a nerve injury involving his right (throwing) shoulder that prevented him from returning to the game. The injury caused numbness and weakness in his arm that prevented him from throwing with the strength or accuracy he needed. He wanted to go back into the game but with the weakness he was having in the shoulder, we couldn’t clear him to do that.

“The weakness in his shoulder also put him at risk of greater injury. From the time of the injury, we were continually treating and re-evaluating him but he wasn’t able to regain the strength he needed to get back on the field.”