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ATV rollover kills 13-year-old South Carolina boy

A 13-year old South Carolina boy died last Sunday when the all-terrain vehicle he was driving rolled over and landed on top of him. According to reports by South Carolina CBS affiliate WBTW, Benjamin “Shane” Byers, a resident of Johnsonville, SC, was rushed to Lake City Hospital but was pronounced dead at 2:53 p.m., approximately one hour after the accident occurred.

Florence County coroner Bubba Matthews told WBTW that the boy likely lost control of the ATV while riding with friends. Byers was an active and athletic child who loved fishing, hunting, and playing ball. Most of all, he loved racing.

The boy’s mother, Tamara Johnson, described her son as “an awesome athlete.”

“He played county sports and school sports. He raced all over the United States. He was just an awesome kid,” Johnson told WBTW.

“He was my baby boy, my baby boy with the big smile. Everybody he met, he left an impression on,” she said.

Byers was featured on the news last month when he competed against the station’s news director in a go-kart race and won.

The boy’s death dealt a painful blow to the family, friends, school, and community that he left behind. Those who knew and loved Byers mourned his passing during funeral services held Wednesday after classes ended at Johnsonville Middle School, where he attended.

Byers’ family established a scholarship fund to preserve the boy’s memory in his community and to help others. All donations, which can be made to any Anderson Brothers Bank, will benefit a student athlete at Johnsonville Middle School.