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18-wheeler causes multi-vehicle pile-up in Virginia

The operator of an 18-wheel semi truck has been cited for reckless driving after causing a multi-vehicle traffic accident in Virginia on Monday. According to authorities in Carroll County, Virginia, 46-year-old Marco Tulio Carta Jena of Morgantown, North Carolina, crashed his rig into other vehicles that had become backed up along I-77 as another accident further up the interstate was being cleared. Investigators say that the driver was not paying attention to the road when he collided with the other vehicles.

Authorities at the scene said that the driver ran into the back of another tractor trailer and a tanker truck that were stopped in the line of traffic. The crash then set into motion a chain of other collisions involving additional tractor trailers. The chain-reaction resulted in a pile-up of 6 other commercial rigs and 2 passenger vehicles.

“The emergency workers had to go in through the other truck to get to [Jena]. His legs were pinned by the dash, but his injuries weren’t life-threatening,” First Sgt. Mike Musser of the Virginia State Police told Winston-Salem’s WXII.

Emergency medical personnel transported Jena to Northern Hospital in Surry County, NC for treatment. There is currently no word if additional people were injured in the pile-up.

According to WXII, the traffic on I-77 came to a halt after the driver of a different 18-wheeler fell asleep at the wheel and crashed the truck, which was jackknifed across the road. That accident occurred an hour earlier and was in the process of being cleared when Jena’s truck collided with stopped traffic. The accidents closed down the southbound lanes of I-77 for several hours.