Retired NBA player Manute Bol suffering serious medication reaction

Retired NBA player Manute Bol is in the hospital with kidney failure and Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS), a life-threatening skin condition. The former Washington Bullets center was hospitalized in Northern Virginia after spending several months in his hometown of Sudan. Bol was building a school there through the group Sudan Sunrise. According to Bol’s facebook page, the former NBA player developed SJS after taking medication.

SJS has been associated with more than 2,000 medications, most commonly antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral medications. Those who suffer from SJS develop a rash on the skin that blisters over, causing the top layer of skin to peel away. Because of the sensitive nature of his condition, Bol may be transferred to a burn unit for treatment.

According to Sudan Sunrise, Bol was “so determined to help with the election in Sudan, he postponed needed medical care.” Tom Prichard, who worked with Bol in Sudan, told The Washington Post that Bol’s health had gone downhill while in Sudan. He had flown to Dulles and was expecting to catch a flight the next morning to Kansas to be with family when he was admitted to the hospital.

Bol sacrificed much to return to Sudan and influence positive chance. While he was gone, his wife had a baby, whom he has yet to meet. According to reports, Bol is slowly recovering. He is on morphine and in pain but he is proud of what he was able to accomplish in Sudan. ”He was fighting with every bit of his strength to try to keep southern Sudan on course toward a referendum in January of next year,” Prichard said. “It put him right on the edge of survival, and he made it.”