Website provides forum for women injured by Gardasil vaccine

Two mothers whose daughters were disabled after receiving the Gardasil vaccine created a website to raise awareness and provide a forum for others to share their stories and find help. Marian Greene and Rosemary Mathis both live in North Carolina and had their daughters vaccinated at around the same time. Gardasil, manufactured by Merck & Co., is promoted as a preventive against cervical cancer. These moms thought they were protecting their children. But within days of receiving the vaccine, both girls experienced serious side effects that left them debilitated.

Neither woman knew the other two years ago, when they had their children vaccinated, but when they discovered their daughters’ illness was linked to the Gardasil vaccine, they found one another. They founded the website,, in January, hoping to reach others before it’s too late for their children.

Greene’s daughter, Holly, is 18 now. After receiving the Gardasil shot, she couldn’t walk and had trouble breathing. A doctor diagnosed her with pericarditis, an inflammation and swelling around the heart. The doctor said the illness was caused by the vaccine.

Mathis’ daughter, who is now 14, fell ill within two weeks of receiving her first Gardasil shot (the vaccine is administered in a series of three shots), and was completely bedridden. Doctors diagnosed a “vaccine injury” and said it will take her at least two years to make a full recovery. She is walking again, but her mother said she still is not completely out of the woods yet.

After searching the internet for information about Gardasil, looking for answers, the two women found each other and it became their mission to help other mothers avoid tragedy. They were stunned to find hundreds of other parents with similar stories, including some whose daughters died after receiving the vaccine. In addition to those in the U.S., they also talked to families around the world, whose daughters were seriously injured after receiving either Gardasil or Cervarix, a similar vaccine produced by GlaxoSmithKline and marketed in Europe.

Today, Marian Greene is Chairman of, as well as a social activist to raise awareness about the dangers of the Gardsil vaccine. It is her goal to provide information and emotional support to other parents, and to educate the public.

The website also operates a volunteer group called the Guardian Angels. These volunteers help answer questions and provide emotional support for families whose children have suffered adverse effects they believe are linked to the Gardasil vaccine. They are working to have a Guardian Angel in every state, as well as one in every country around the world. A list of Guardian Angels is available on the website.

“We must unite to get this vaccine off the market,” Greene writes. “Together we CAN make a difference!”