CNN report examines harmful side effects linked to Gardasil

vaccine bottle literature 100x100 CNN report examines harmful side effects linked to GardasilTwo years after -vaccine Gardasil was introduced to the public in 2006, CNN examined reports of serious adverse linked to the drug. Gardasil is marketed primarily to young women, as a preventive treatment against . It protects against four types of , which is linked to causing . However, some medical experts argue the vaccine is unnecessary, as the body naturally clears more than 90 percent of HPV, and can be detected with an annual .

In 2010, the Garasil vaccine was approved for use in boys and young men, to prevent the spread of HPV, which is a sexually transmitted virus. In this instance, the drug’s manufacturer, , promotes the vaccine as an additional safeguard against oral, penile and anal cancers.

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