More lawsuits filed over painkiller Darvocet

More lawsuits are being filed against Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals over the newly banned prescription painkiller Darvocet, from plaintiffs who claim they suffered bodily harm after taking the drug. Darvocet, which includes the active ingredient propoxyphene, was pulled from the United States market late last year after new studies showed the drug put users at risk for potentially fatal heart rhythm abnormalities.

The latest lawsuit was filed by Deborah M. Rogers, individually and on behalf of others similarly situated, in federal court in New Orleans. The lawsuit accuses Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals of failing to warn users of the risks and side effects associated with the drug and its generic equivalents.

Rogers was prescribed the drug in 2006, and shortly thereafter experienced serious side effects. The lawsuit claims that Xanodyne was aware of the problems associated with its drug but continued to market it anyway.

Propoxyphene-containing drugs include the brands Darvocet and Darvon. Several generic varieties were sold as well. Propoxyphene had often been the subject of review for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its advisory panels. Instead of removing the drug when red flags arose, the federal agency instead opted to add warnings of overdose and dependency. A new study shed light on a dangerous new cardiac side effect that landed people in the hospital for abnormal heart beats or caused their sudden death.

Patients or their family members harmed by propoxyphene-containing drugs are just beginning to make the connection between their injury and the once-popular painkiller. Beasley Allen Law Firm is currently investigating cases, and anyone who suspects they or a family member has been harmed by propoxyphene should seek council from an attorney.

Source: Louisiana Record