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Mysterious odor sickens kids on Georgia school bus

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA – A group of children allegedly fell ill while riding their school bus August 26 after a foul odor permeated the bus. The mother of two of the children told Atlanta’s WSBTV that the buses ought to be operating properly and safe to ride without her having to worry about her kids being poisoned.

A source of the smell has not yet been identified but Gwinnett County school officials continue to investigate. One of the children on the bus, a 13-year-old student at Moore Middle School, described the odor only as a “stinky smell,” but told WBSTV that it made her feel sick.

“After (the smell), I got off the bus and my stomach was really hurting,” the girl said. Her cousins, 11-year-old twin brothers, say there were also sickened by the odor.

“I got a little dizzy, lightheaded. My throat started cramping a little bit,” one of the boys told WSBTV. “I started feeling dizzy, like I was starting to fall asleep,” his brother said. One of the boys borrowed a friend’s cell phone and texted his parents that there was a smell on the bus that was making them sick.

The mother then rushed to the school to check on her sons and niece. She decided to take them to the emergency room because they looked very sick.

“Their eyes were red. They were puffy. Their skin was [pale],” she told WSBTV.

Doctors who examined the children said all three showed signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the girl still had elevated amounts of the gas in her blood.

“I got very scared because I didn’t know how that would affect my body,” she told WSBTV.

At least three other children were reportedly sickened by the smell on the bus.

Meanwhile, the mother of the sickened boys told WSBTV she wants to see school officials take steps to prevent the same thing or worse from happening again.

“I’d like to see them implement something. They have carbon monoxide detectors. Can we not put those in the roof of the bus? What’s it going to take before they do something?”