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CPSC announces improvements to product safety database

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s new product safety database has been online only since early March, but the agency has announced some key changes it says will improve ease of use and efficiency for businesses.

The database functions as both a publicly accessible library of safety information concerning more than 15,000 types of consumer products and as a forum where consumers and businesses can publicly address complaints.

Now a new online form in the business portal of the website provides manufacturers, private labelers, and importers a quicker and easier way to communicate with the CPSC about product defects, safety recalls, and corrective measures planned or taken.

Manufacturers are already required by law to submit this information to the regulatory agency, but the new form makes it easier for manufacturers to report product hazards.

Another improvement expands the CPSC’s ability to correspond online with the companies registered on rather than through postal mail. According to the agency, all registered manufacturers, importers and private labelers identified in incident reports will now receive notices electronically, regardless of whether the report is included or qualified for inclusion on Previously, only safety-related reports that qualified for inclusion on the SaferProducts site were communicated electronically.

The CPSC says that this new feature “is an example of efficiencies and cost savings being achieved through our information technology overhaul.”

“These enhancements to the Business Portal are largely a response to requests and feedback CPSC received from businesses and trade associations,” a statement from the agency said.

The CPSC said it plans to further develop the Business Portal section of the website so that companies can add brand names for products they sell or have sold and the time periods in which they made or sold the brands. This will allow the agency to more easily contact manufacturers whenever a consumer report is submitted to


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