Diabetes may have contributed to Dick Clark’s fatal heart attack

dick clark1 Diabetes may have contributed to Dick Clarks fatal heart attackDick Clark, “America’s oldest living teenager” as he was affectionately called, died Wednesday of a massive heart attack. He was 82. Clark had been admitted to the hospital for an outpatient procedure Tuesday evening, but suffered a heart attack shortly after. Doctors were unable to resuscitate him.

The famed TV producer and “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” host appeared never to age, but the years slowly took their toll on Clark. In 2004, he suffered a serious stroke that impaired his speech. And, in an interview with Larry King, Clark admitted he suffered from type 2 diabetes.

“Two-thirds of people who have diabetes die of either heart disease or stroke,” Clark said in a past interview, quoting figures from the American Diabetes Association. “That was enough for me to stand up and say ‘Whoa, I’m in that group.’ It just seemed like it was time to get out and shout about it.”

Fox News reported that Clark’s history of diabetes, his advanced age, his previous stroke, and the medical procedure likely contributed to his death. Diabetics are at increased risk for heart attack compared to someone who does not have the disease.

Diabetes medications help control blood sugar and can reduce the morbidity associated with the disease, however patients should be aware of potential side effects. In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning for the type 2 diabetes drug Avandia after studies linked the drug to fatal heart attacks. Soon after, the FDA alerted the public that recent studies showed the type 2 diabetes drug Actos put users at risk for bladder cancer.

Source: Fox News