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Play it safe this Memorial Day holiday!

american flag 435x326 Play it safe this Memorial Day holiday!With Memorial Day weekend upon us, safety should be a priority for adults and children alike. The American Red Cross, the nation’s premier emergency response organization, has released a number of tips for those of us traveling, swimming and grilling out on this summer holiday.

If you are traveling, refrain from using electronic devices such as radios and cell phones while operating a vehicle. Be sure to make frequent stops if you are traveling far to avoid becoming drowsy while driving. Also, use caution when driving through work zones – it’s not a holiday for everyone, so keep an eye out for workers.

If you are swimming, always maintain constant supervision of young children around a pool or any large body of water. Make sure to never go swimming alone, but instead find a friend or relative to swim with. Always know how to react in an emergency situation – the more prepared you are for accidents, the better.

If you are grilling, never do so indoors – between the smoke and fire, it can become very dangerous. When you are cooking outside, supervise the grill /fire to make sure that everyone, including pets, do not get too close. Avoid grilling close to the house, trees, and anything else surrounding that is flammable.

Cooking out, swimming, camping, attending sporting events – so many fun events on Memorial Day holiday are done outdoors. Even home repair projects may take you outside on your day off. Take care to stay hydrated and rest frequently if you are participating in physical activities to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion, heat stroke or other heat illness. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine.

Enjoy your holiday, but play it safe to avoid injury. For more information on how to have a safe Memorial Day, go to