Another lawsuit filed against makers of transvaginal mesh

mesh1 Another lawsuit filed against makers of transvaginal meshSusana Franklin says a device intended to relieve a minor medical annoyance ended up ruining her life, and now she has joined hundreds of women who have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of the device.

In 2007, under the advice of her doctor, Susana was implanted with a type of surgical mesh to treat urinary incontinence. The mesh is a common treatment for pelvic floor disorders such as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. It is inserted into the vagina and used to shore up organs that have prolapsed, or dropped, due to obesity, childbirth or age.

But the transvaginal mesh didn’t cure Susana’s problem. She alleges it made it worse. The lawsuit claims the implant eroded into her body, causing excruciating pain. It took four surgeries to remove the mesh.

Last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted a safety review on transvaginal mesh with women like Susana testifying on the complications they have experienced, and consumer groups pushing for the mesh to be banned. The FDA fell short of recalling the products and instead warned consumers that “clear risks” were associated with transvaginal mesh. Manufacturers of the device were ordered to conduct safety reviews of their products.

This week, Johnson & Johnson announced it was phasing out its transvaginal mesh product, but refused to recall the products already on the market.

Source: Sun Sentinel