Woman’s lawsuit claims Mirena IUD caused her serious bodily injury

IUD iStock Womans lawsuit claims Mirena IUD caused her serious bodily injuryAn Arizona woman has filed a lawsuit against Bayer alleging her intrauterine device for birth control caused her serious bodily injury.

Cynthia Solano had a Mirena IUD inserted in her uterus by her doctor in January 2011, and experienced cramping, pain and spotting. Her doctor repeatedly assured her that the device had been implanted properly.

However, in December 2012, the day after another doctor visit, Solano vomited and was admitted to the hospital where a CT scan revealed the IUD had become embedded in her body. She was diagnosed with renal failure and a slow heartbeat.

Solano had to undergo surgery, but she continues to suffer from abdominal pain, heavy menstrual bleeding and severe cramping. She also suffers from anxiety as doctors have told her the long-term consequences of her injuries are unknown and more symptoms may arise.

Solano, a single mother of two children, had to go on short-term disability from her job, which cut into her wages. As a result she had to pull money out of her 401K retirement account to cover household bills.

Solano’s lawsuit claims Bayer improperly designed, developed, manufactured, tested, marketed, promoted, distributed, advertised and sold the Mirena IUD. The suit alleges that the company failed to warn patients and doctors of the serious risks associated with the device.

The Mirena IUD can cause intrauterine pregnancy, may become embedded into the uterine wall, or may perforate the uterus, all of which are considered medical emergencies and require surgery. The device may also increase the risk for pelvic infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease and group A streptococcal sepsis.

Source: Pennsylvania Record