Transvaginal mesh victim says she would never have had surgery if she had known the risks

mesh1 Transvaginal mesh victim says she would never have had surgery if she had known the risksLynne Thyne, a 52-year-old mother of two teenagers, one of whom has muscular dystrophy with associated learning difficulties, says she would never have taken a risk with her health due to her family commitments. Yet, following a hysterectomy with a procedure to have her bladder lifted because of a pelvic floor disorder caused by childbirth, Thyne was told she had been implanted with surgical mesh. It was the first she had heard of transvaginal mesh, a device used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence to hold up organs that have dropped, or prolapsed.

“I do not recall (the surgeon) discussing the mesh with me, offering me any alternative options or explaining any of the possible side effects or complications,” she wrote in a testimonial published in the Daily Record. “Before undertaking any implant surgery, I would have taken time to research any procedure and consider the implications. I was not given that opportunity.”

The surgeon told her the operation went well, but three years later Thyne was in so much pain and discomfort that she sought medical help. She underwent a year of tests and procedures and was finally told that a piece of the mesh had eroded into her bladder and was causing her pain and other complications. Removing the mesh involved cutting a hole in her bladder and removing as much mesh as possible. Some bits of the device remain in her body.

As a result, Thyne suffers from pain due to nerve damage and scar tissue. She also has urinary incontinence and chronic fatigue. “I am petrified and unable to have the further necessary surgery I require,” she says. “I feel as though this mesh inside me is a time bomb and I have no idea what damage it is going to do next.”

Unfortunately, Thyne is not alone. Thousands of women who have had the mesh implanted have experienced serious complications that in some cases have resulted in death. But women do not need to suffer silently. Many have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of surgical mesh.

If you are suffering from complications caused by transvaginal mesh, you may want to contact an attorney as you may be entitled to compensation.

Source: Daily Record