Woman suffers toxic shock from IUD

mirena IUD2 Woman suffers toxic shock from IUD“I got toxic shock from an IUD,” writes Alice Myerhoff on XO Jane. It was a rare side effect even the hospital had a hard time believing. But Myerhoff easily saw the connection. A few days after she received an intrauterine device for pregnancy protection she became deathly ill. She called her nurse, who brushed off her symptoms, which included fever and body shakes. It wasn’t until she developed a suspicious red spot on her leg and had difficulty walking on it that the nurse ordered her to see her doctor right away. She was then taken to the emergency room where doctors removed her IUD and she was diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome.

Toxic shock is a potentially fatal illness caused by uncommon bacterial infection. Myerhoff was “lucky” – she only spent seven days in the hospital and endured heavy doses of antibiotics. But she made a full recovery. Her take-home message: “IUDs ain’t all that.”

There are two IUDs approved for use in the United States – the copper ParaGard and the Mirena IUD, which contains the hormone levonorgestrel.

According to AdverseEvents, more than 47,000 side effects have been associated with the Mirena IUD since it was introduced 13 years ago. Some of the more serious adverse events include device expulsion and dislocation, perforation into neighboring organs, genital hemorrhage and infections.

Nearly 200 lawsuits have been filed across the country by women who claim Bayer Healthcare, maker of the Mirena IUD, did not adequately warn of the risks associated with the device.

Attorneys at Beasley Allen Law Firm are currently investigating cases of injury allegedly caused by the Mirena IUD.

Source: XO Jane