A year after diabetes diagnosis, Paula Deen introduces new line of ‘finishing butters’

paula deen 435x326 A year after diabetes diagnosis, Paula Deen introduces new line of finishing butters Paula Deen, Food Network’s Southern belle of high-fat, sugary recipes, is putting her face and name on packages of flavored butters. Paula Deen’s finishing butters will be sold at Wal-Mart stores across the country, and beg the question whether Paula is more serious about promoting healthy eating since revealing her type 2 diabetes diagnosis last year, or about making money from sales of somewhat unhealthy products.

The celebrity chef and cookbook author admits she kept her type 2 diabetes diagnosis hidden for three years – meanwhile continuing to prepare high-fat and sugary recipes on her TV show – until drug maker Novo Nordisk offered her money to promote their diabetes medication Victoza. Paula has since lost more than 30 pounds and has offered lighter recipes on her TV show and in her cookbooks. So why would she come out with a line of butter?

According to the product descriptions, the butters are simply “finishing butters” and should be used modestly to bring out the flavors of dishes. There are five varieties – garden herb, lemon dill, southern grillin’, sweet citrus zest, and European-style butter. Her recipes suggest using “a quenelle” of finishing butter, as opposed to pounds her previous recipes have called for.

Perhaps if Paula had tried healthier recipes years ago, she would not need Victoza to help regulate her blood sugar. Medications for type 2 diabetes can have serious side effects. For example, in 2010, the FDA severely restricted Avandia because of fatal heart attacks. A year later, the FDA warned that Actos could cause bladder cancer. Recently, studies linked the drugs Byetta and Januvia with an increased risk for pancreatic cancer. As for Paula’s drug of choice, Victoza has been linked to thyroid cancer.

Source: LA Times